July 23, 2020


In the era of globalization and modern technologies, the number of people who allege that children from sex-single school will have some troubles in their life have increased. I totally agree with this approach, and I anticipate that sex-single schools are detrimental for children.

First of all, numerous studies have consistently found that people who have finished sex-single school less successful than people from co-education institution. Moreover, if children who study without opposite sex started new projects, their success in this industry would be worse than children from school with opposite sex. In fact, some people such as: Jon Jonson and Kolar Avas had been studying in the sex-single schools until their graduation, and right now they do not have plethora of money and their projects have closed. Sex-single schools cannot provide good education and conditionals for study.

Secondly, the vast majority of the sex-single schools throughout the world have been decreasing population of world since their foundation because this type of institutions have numerous gays and lesbians. Furthermore, if these schools produce gays and lesbians, in the future world will have some problems with population. To illustrate, right now world have Innumerable schools without opposite sex, based on this we decreased our population. Only after accepting this statement did people who have same-sex marriage comprehend how sex-single schools influenced their lives.

In conclusion, this essay acknowledges that sex-single schools have a lot of drawbacks. As far as I am concerned, if global government had closed these schools, now we would have suitable population and conditionals for study.