July 13, 2020

разбери мои мысли на критерии.

In the era of globalization and modern technologies, the number of people who claim that education is paramount to developing countries have increased. I am a strong critic of this approach, and drawbacks of it will be covered in this essay.

To begin with, numerous studies have consistently found that music industries such as rap and rock are critical factors to the development of countries. For instance, if Russia started to invest in music, this country would enhance own economic. From my point of view, global government should improve rap industry, instead of education because music can provide more proceeds than education. Moreover, some countries such as Canada and UK have been investing to this industry since 2010. In fact, only after accepting this statement did countries comprehend how to use money from music correctly. In my opinion, rap or rock industries can provide stable economics for some countries.

The second negative aspect, a lot of counties such as Bangladesh, Palau and Kazakhstan do not have good education system. To illustrate, students of these counties have low knowledge in physics and chemistry. Furthermore, Canada had been investing to education until 2010. Moreover, despite the troubles with education system, government of Kazakhstan provide money to education. Form my point of view, if Kazakhstan and Bangladesh started to invest to population of sport, these countries would be improve their economic situations.

In conclusion, this essay acknowledges that education is not paramount in this decade. As far as I am concerned, if some countries had started invest to music or to sport, now they would have stable economics.