February 17, 2021

How to Develop Ruby on Rail e-learning platform


Ruby on rails is a server side web application framework that manages, organizes, develops and maintains front-end and back-end mobile applications. Have you ever thought Ruby on Rail will be perfect for building the e learning application? If yes then may you get solutions and no that this blog will give you some interesting ideas on Ruby on Rail development platform, so, are you thinking about developing an e-learning platform for the education Industry? Don't worry if you are taken right decision we will guide you through certain steps that eventually help you in many factors to increase your business.

Ruby on Rail  for developing E- learning Platform 

As we choose  Ruby on Rail development platform so let's discuss some key aspects of it.

Ruby on Rails is used in front-end as well as in backend web application development. In the beginning the ROR community focused on web development and design moreover the ROR is used in building system apps, CMS, e-learning platform, social media apps. Mostly every business which  are  small or large using Ruby on Rail with good speed and user interface. So developing an e learning platform by using Ruby on Rail will be successful because it has features like speedy uploading that faster the app and user navigational process.

Core Features in Projects :

Auto calculation

 Easy Access

Noticeable notification

 Parental update

The technical starck is used

 In Front-end: HTML, javascript

 In Back-end: Ruby on Rails, JQuery, AJax

If you want to know more about Ruby on Rails development platform, how to develop applications? And what are the benefits of the developing ROR application ? How can you get success on the developing e learning platforms and a wonderful case study on the HOW WE SUCCESSFULLY BUILT E-LEARNING PLATFORM WITH RUBY ON RAILS (CASE STUDY)This blog will give you in-depth information about the e-learning platform. You are just one step away from the best article. Just click on the topic and Read the whole article for your project goal completion.