December 25, 2019

5 Best Songs On Chief Keef Dedication Album and Review

Hey wassup glodies its your boy Almighty Turbo with a new video.So chief has released his third official studio album Dedication on 1st of december and as yall know the tape comprises total of 15 songs and the productions are from D rich stuntman Turbo aka chief keef ness and i think its CB mix.So he has prereleased some songs as singles such as mailbox text kills come on now featuring lil yachty back in this year.At first lets talk about this album for a minute so i aint gon lie to be honest i liked the projects he dropped earlier this year than this project.So at first i think this album lacks a bit of concept for eg his past release Thot breaker has an concept behind it and i think this album lacks it so i just think he just put together some songs the songs got no basic lineup like an album have but its chief keef he's an independent artist he aint got no pressure on himself from the labels to put a certain type of album in front of us.So now coming onto the positives of this album i think this album got a great notch of productions and yall know chief keef hook game is proper strong as fuck it will make you listen to the whole song and also you can see chief keef playing with the beat like syncing his vocals with the beat and i just think its great like he didnt get offbeat on any track. SO at last i aint gon rank or number this album i think it is another great project from chief keef and some people gonna say its trash some gon say its hot some gon say its better than finally rich or bang 3 some gon say its not some gonna stay sleeping to get that old sosa back but for me my personal level it is an another keef project which is great. And now coming onto the 5 best song on this album so just to tell you this list dont contain the prereleased songs such as kills mailbox text come on now i think we have listened to it and they are great songs but this list contains all the new songs on the was again a difficult task to pick up 5 songs best songs on this album as every song was good but it picked it its just my opinion you can write your own best songs down in the comment section.