May 25, 2021

All You Need to Know About Viking Drinking Horn

There are not many souls in the world who wouldn't recognize a drinking horn. They have become a contemporary icon of a bygone time, and no matter who you are or where you come from, the drinking horn is easily recognized as the emblem of the Vikings and of their versatile culture. Nowadays, you can find Viking drinking horns and stand to enhance the beauty of your home. From just being a functional drinking container those days to being significant ancient typical reminders today, there is a lot to know about these classical masterpieces.

An insight into drinking horns in the past

The drinking horns were popular in many ancient cultures like Greeks and Romans. In African civilizations, nobles drink palm wine from carved buffalo horns as a great ceremony. Ancient Greece people used the horn as a drinking container during Dionysus's celebrations, the god of wine. As such, many other practices are using these horns for various purposes.

Viking drinking horn and stand

Different uses of Viking drinking horns

●     Mead drinking: Mead commonly reflected the drink of gods in Norse mythology, is drank in these Vikings drinking horns in the ancient time. Many countries like Europe, Africa, and China drink mead massively in these horns during any festive parties of those times.

●     Wine drinking: with time, ancient people find that fermented grapes also taste delicious and started preparing wine. Then, they start drinking wine in the Viking horns.

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