Some people think that robots will one day replace teachers. Do you agree?

As you are all aware, now is the age of technology. Thereby, there are many different gadgets and robots. All of them were invented to make people's life better, and help them with some difficult problems. Therefore, most people suggest that many human professions such as teacher will be replaced by this technologies. I disagree with this mind, and i will vindicate my opinion.

One argument in support of my point is that according to psychologists robots, being unable to distinguish between emotions, will not be able to find an approach for each student, which is important for this profession. It can have negative impact on education, what can cause a flurry of criticism, and comform a big problem of education system of whole country. Consequently, level of our system can decrease due to this factors.

Likewise, disburstments will sharply increase, because it will be more expensive to buy and comprise robots than to pay teachers. And this once again may cause discontent among the people. In addition, there will be outbreak of unemployment, which is extremely unprofitable for the economy. Hence, this problems can induce a crisis, that can totally ruin economics.

Summing up, I believe that there are more troubles, than pluses of this notion, and I hope that our country will never put this idea in real. This proves the correctness of my position, and negates the idea of ​​those people, who do not think about the consequences of this point of view.