January 28, 2020

Google Audiobook Launched | What is Audiobook

Some Major Features of Google Audiobook

  • Compatibility with Google Assistant

Along with Android and iOS, these audiobooks will also work on assistant-powered devices such as Google home that facilitates you to hear audiobooks without keeping your phone in your hands all the time. One can enjoy playing these books by downloading the Google Play Books app.

For all those who are using Google assistant, for them, listening to books is quite fun. To hear the audio stories they can simply say “Ok Google read my book...” along with the title and assistant will start playing the audiobook from their library.

  • Stop Timer Feature

Another amazing feature that enhances the experience of hearing these audiobooks is the “stop timer feature”. Through this stop timer feature of Google a user can ask the assistant to stop the audiobook as and when required by saying “Hey Google, stop playing in 15 minutes”. A user can also ask some basic questions like “Okay Google, Who is Author? “And they will get their answers in a jiffy.

  • Synchronizing Audiobook – A Bookmark Feature

The synchronization is quite related to the stop timer feature. Actually, this stop timer often highlights as a bookmark. This feature synchronized your location in books in various devices. Therefore, you can again start listening from the same point from where you have left, after sign-in into your account on multiple devices. For now, this feature is only available for Android and Google Home but very soon it will also be offered to Android Auto in the US in the near future. You can also speed up books’ reading 2xs more than its original speed.

Also, you can get free Translator for iphone and translate foreign books in your language in real-time.

Subscription and Non- Subscription

To make the user experience more soothing, Google has also inculcated another feature of non-subscription. According to this feature, a user can purchase his or her favorite book at an affordable price without any commitments. It means that you being a user do not have to subscribe to Google’s offerings; you just need to buy the title you like.

The no-subscription feature of Google is inspired by Apple’s iBook model where it allows listeners to buy audiobooks without any subscription. On the other hand, The Audible, the audiobook service by Amazon is quite different in which the customers are forced to sign-up for a full subscription to purchase any title.

Google has gone through a fine-tooth comb in adding various facilities for its users. A consumer is facilitated with the preview of the audiobook. This will help users to make a wise choice before purchasing any book. All your purchased titles can be accessed from anywhere as it is perfectly synchronized. You can also share these purchased books with your friends and family through Family Library without paying any extra penny.

Pricing Strategy by Google Audiobooks

Google has come up with a great pricing strategy in the market. The prices that it has set for its audiobooks are quite competitive when compares to Audible and iBooks. There are various famous titles that are available for under $10 as a part of the opening sale.

Some popular titles are Brief History of Time By Stephen Hawking priced at $2.15, Fire and Fury by Michael Wolf priced at 8.99 and The Rooster Bar by John Grisham priced at 9.99. As a part of their introductory offer, Google has also decided to offer its customers a whopping discount of 50% on the purchase of their first audiobook.

How to Download Audiobooks?

For all those who have heard of audiobooks for the first time for them, it is a novel concept. And if you are getting started with audiobooks and want to explore the world of literature just dive in with us by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Play Store icon on your screen.
  2. Go to the books tab.
  3. Then select the Audiobook category.
  4. You will get a 50% off the banner, tap on it and add the promo code to your cart.
  5. Click on the search icon in the top right corner and search for the title you desire.
  6. List of titles would appear, select your desired title.
  7. Once the title is selected, you will see the duration of the audiobook, author’s name and sample audio to listen before you make a purchase.
  8. After listening audiobook, if you wish to proceed, tap the blue audiobook button.
  9. Fill the necessary credentials related to your bank account. The promo code discount is automatically applied.
  10. Click on the tab “Buy Audiobook” to finalize your purchase.
  11. A confirm button will be prompted. Confirm it by entering your password.
  12. A payment confirmation dialog box will appear.


Google with its audiobooks has open new gates to explore the universe of literature. Though E-Books are already available on Play Store that was only in text format whereas the audiobooks are novel and welcoming.