Best Discord Alternatives You Can Try


RaidCall Discord Alternatives
RaidCall is another great free in-game VoIP application which is available on both PC and mobile devices. The platform is quite lightweight and doesn’t tax system resources as much as some other applications on this list, even when it supports up to 100k users in a single group. RaidCall offers a number of features like voice recording, polls, announcements, noise reduction, etc. and it even allows users to share links and files. Servers on RaidCall also support customizations which will allow you to completely make your server your own, but compared to Discord or Overtone, the interface isn’t as simple to use. Voice quality on RaidCall is quite acceptable, but it definitely doesn’t match up to Mumble or Overtone. Still, if you’re looking for the best discord alternative that features huge groups, support for polls, etc, you should check out RaidCall.

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One of the best Discord alternatives that is lightweight, Ventrilo is a great option which boasts of low latency voice calls with a lightweight design that wouldn’t interfere with your games. The platform also has a client-server architecture with encryption for all communication on the platform to ensure privacy. Much like Mumble, Ventrilo also offers a positional sound feature which adds a bit of depth to the voice chat and it even allows users to customize the sound according to their preferences. While people coming from TeamSpeak will find Ventrilo’s interface quite simple to navigate, newcomers might find it a bit complicated when compared to services like Discord and Overtone.

Skype Discord Alternatives
If you aren’t looking for all the bells and whistles all the aforementioned apps have to offer and just want a simple, familiar service that will get the job done then you should consider using Skype for your in-game communication needs. The popular text and voice chat service is quite simple to use and offers all the basic functionality you’d need to communicate with your friends in a group. Skype even allows users to share files in a chat, along with video chat capabilities, which might not be handy while gaming but may come in use if you use it in a professional setting. It’s worth noting that Skype weighs heavy on system resources, which might have an impact on your gaming experience depending your system configuration.

Tox Discord Alternatives
If you’ve been using Discord for anything other than gaming and require a platform that’s a bit more privacy oriented then you should give Tox a try. Tox makes use of military grade encryption, which means that all your conversations on the platform will remain safe from prying eyes. Tox is also fairly simple to use and it has a clean, but dated, looking interface which you can get a hang of in minutes. There’s support for text, voice and video chat, along with a neat screen sharing feature which can really come in handy if you wish to show your team something on your system. There’s also a file sharing feature, which is also a great addition that makes Tox great for professional settings. What really makes Tox unique, however, is the fact that it has no central servers and the entire network is made up of its users, which means that you won’t have to deal with any server outages that might hamper your workflow. It’s worth noting that Tox is still in development, so you might encounter some unexpected bugs. Discord Alternatives
While Discord is a great app for gamers, it doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption, which means that your conversations aren’t as secure as you might want them to be. In case you’re someone who’s serious about privacy and are looking for the best Discord alternative that offers better privacy, then you should definitely check out – a text and voice chat app that offers end-to-end encryption. is primarily meant for team collaborations and as such it includes a bunch of tools to help you streamline your team’s workflow. Built on the Matrix open communications protocol, also allows you to talk to anyone in the ecosystem, which can really come in handy if someone who you want to talk to is using a different Matrix based software. While not designed for gaming, can also be used by gamers and it allows users to share messages, images videos and files of any type within groups of any size.

Slack Discord Alternatives

If you’re looking for the best Discord alternative for professional use, check out Slack – a team messaging platform which looks a lot like Discord. The service has the same clean and simple user interface as Discord, but it’s geared towards a more professional setting, so you won’t find any gamer-y things. Instead, you’ll find a number of helpful features that aim to improve your productivity at work, however, if you’re looking for lag free voice comms then you should definitely check out some of the other options. Slack sets itself apart from Discord by providing integrations for over 800 third-party software that are used by businesses. It also lets you receive notifications through the software you’re using without requiring you to open the app. File sharing is also easier and more convenient on Slack as it has a 1GB limit on uploads, whereas Discord just permits files up to 8MB in size to be shared on the platform. Slack is definitely worth a shot if you’re looking for a chat app for your business and not something you’d use while playing games with friends.

Ready to Give These Discord Alternatives a Shot?
Well, that rounds up our list of the best Discord alternatives you can try. As you can tell, there are a number of similar applications in the market, each with their own unique features, that you can use for gaming or in a professional setting. While some of these apps are more geared towards gamers (much like Discord), others have some great productivity related features that can help with your workflow at the office. Out of the lot, I tend to use TeamSpeak 3 most often, because I’ve been using it for quite a while now and I’m just used to the interface. But if TeamSpeak doesn’t fit your needs, then you can try out any of the other Discord alternatives we have mentioned here.