October 29, 2020

Choose a suitable geared motor is particularly important

Transmission ratio. Power considerations, including detailed transmission methods such as current, voltage, speed, reduction ratio, transmission ratio, torque, load capacity, noise, transmission efficiency (transmission mode), and number of stages.

Environmental factors must be considered when selecting geared motors and miniature geared motors, such as large temperature difference between day and night, high temperature, cold, corrosiveness, sealing (rainproof) and other special environmental characteristics.

For the verification of the radial force and axial force of the output shaft of the geared motor, the manufacturer shall provide reference standards for the axial force and radial force. How to choose a suitable geared motor is particularly important. What are the requirements for the selection of small geared motors? Application environment considerations.

Both imported and Blower Motor Suppliers domestic products have their own naming standards and specifications, and their prices and after-sales service are relatively different. At present, there are more and more types and sizes of geared motors on the market, and their specifications are also different.

Torque calculation formula What equipment is the geared motor used for? This must take into account the specifications (size, shape) of the geared motor and the installation method (right-angled shaft, parallel shaft, output hollow shaft key, output hollow shaft locking disc, etc