October 14, 2020

Air conditioners are indispensable in our current lives

There are often verses on the Internet saying 'My life is given by the air conditioner'. The left and right air guides of the air conditioner are driven by two sets of stepping motors, and the upper and lower air guides are driven by a stepping motor. With air conditioners at home, we can enjoy the warmth in winter and cool in summer at any time, and the air conditioner motor is also an indispensable part of our air conditioners.

Although it is quite exaggerated, High-End Waterproof Motors it illustrates the importance of air conditioners in our lives. Everyone must buy a big brand when buying the air-conditioning fan motor, so that the quality can be guaranteed.Air conditioners are indispensable in our current lives. It swings back and forth to automatically guide the cold or hot air blown by the indoor fan to achieve large-angle and multi-directional air supply.

The stepper motor is an actuator that converts electrical pulses into angular displacement. The swing motor in the air conditioner usually uses a stepper motor. The air-conditioning sweep motor is also called the swing blade motor.

When the control circuit sends out the 'wind pendulum' command, the corresponding pins of the microcontroller periodically send out lower frequencies in sequence The high level of the air conditioner is driven by the reverse driver to quickly turn on or off the stepper motor, or slowly swing up and down, so that the air conditioner can swing up and down.

When the stepper driver receives a pulse signal, it drives the stepper motor to rotate a fixed angle (called 'step angle') according to the set direction, and its rotation runs step by step at a fixed angle. If the air conditioner in our home can work better for us, the quality of the air-conditioning fan motor is also very important