February 13, 2021

Let's Go Camping

With every passing second, every minute, every hour, every single day as we move ahead in the 4th industrial Revolution where every day newer technological trends are evolving, leaving behind a lot of traditional things where people live under the same roof yet they live as strangers, they pretend to know about each other. Yet, they don't know anything about each other, in the times gone by there was a popular saying that.

A family that eats together stays together.

But now, a family that is connected virtually is 'the' family. Tell me the last time when your whole family just sat together over food or just like that to talk, but now instant messaging are the conversation even birthday wishes have become dependent on the technology because the family doesn't have time for each other virtual presence has taken over physical presence destroying the necessary sense of being a human race, we have become like machines with no emotions, no time that is why there has been a steady rise in health problems, distorted behaviours, temper issues, etc. with the increasing stress levels traveling, camping and these kinds of outdoor activities have become of vogue yet we sometimes fail to realize it's benefits I would like to quote something that I read once

Some of the best moments are never captured by cameras and are not posted on any social media platform; they are kept private and cherished together with the best people.

Let's have a look at some of the benefits of camping:-

1. Stress Reduction: Jam-packed schedules, continuous running, forget about having time for others we don't have time for ourselves leading to a rise in the stress levels and away from home when camping there are no schedules to follow no routines, no responsibilities, nothing that you need to solve just you, your thoughts and plain blissful silence of the resulting in stress reduction and relief from mental pressure.

2. Fresh Air: Living in technologically advanced material life, we never realize the extent to which our relationship with nature is severed and how it is essential for us. We forget in the mayhem of our lives that even nature has a smell of its own, and being camping helps us experience all that and much more.

3. Relationship Building- Bryan Tracy once said

The value of a relationship is in direct proportion to the time that you invest in the relationship.

And time is the only thing that is the most scarce these days, and camping away with your near and dear ones gives you the same thing in abundance and an opportunity to sit and talk without any worry of time and schedules

4. Physical fitness: Being away from home makes us focus on ourselves and realize how busy we are, leading sedentary lives, which is not suitable for physical health. Camping gives you an option and expects you to burn some calories from setting up a tent to gathering firewood to hiking; everything demands burning calories and sweating, so Happy Sweating!!

5. Lack of Alarm Clocks: Ruled by the time we have become so accustomed to alarm clocks that they have become our best friends. Waking to the cackle of the cock or the rays of the sunlight is a thing of the bygone days. Camping gives us a chance to be away from the material world, near to nature and ourselves.

6. Unplugging: Camping is a golden chance to break from your mundane, monotonous routine and not forget your fake virtual world, which you consider to be a reality but is not the truth. A break from the screens of an on is a must in today's time to realize the fact.

7. Yummy Food – Fennel Hudson once quoted

Cooking and eating food outdoors makes it taste infinitely better than the same meal prepared and consumed indoors.

So do go ahead and try once in a lifetime to realize the real fun of cooking and eating to discover the very basic essence.

8. Connection with Nature: Camping forces you to stop, pause, and realized the things going around and within. It compels you to pay a bit of attention to the actual nature, experience wildlife, and sit peacefully and stargaze, as Deborah A Ten Brink says

When life gets too overwhelming, just look up at the night sky and lose yourself for a while

It definitely helps.

9. Developing new skills - camping caters to you a lot of options to unwind and learn a lot of new things and being with friends and family makes it even easier and learning to pitch tents, light a fire and cooking food all this is a necessity that is being avoided due to our busy mundane routines.

10. Educational purpose: For the youth camping gives them that experience which teaches them a lot of things for the future, it facilitates them to become a better version of themselves, which prepares them for the coming future and its challenges.

11. Confidence Booster - children must learn to become self-confident, self-dependent, self-resourceful, and catering to all of these camping acts as the biggest alibi.

12. Family connections: Camping is useful for children and their families. It can offer assistance to fortify the bond between family individuals like brothers, sisters, guardians, children, and the list goes on. You may all return home with much more warmth, love, and bonding for each other in your hearts.

Having had a look at the advantages of camping, I feel all of us must for once give life a chance to make us all experience this we should allow ourselves to develop into a better version of own 'self , quoting Mehmet Murat Ildan, in the end, would be the perfect ending to the notion.

Without the intense touch of nature, you can never fully freshen yourself. Go for a camping trip, and both your weary mind and your exhausted body will rise like the morning sun,

 And you need not remember anything before going camping, as I read an anonymous quote somewhere.

Camping rules are to stare at the fire, listen to the birds, jump in the lake, read, take a nap, relax, watch the sunset, cook over the fire, and breathe the fresh air that's it.

Happy Camping!!