Through Singapore Airlines Reservations make your child’s journey

Singapore Airlines is the national carrier based in Singapore and is headquartered at Changi Airport, Singapore. It has codeshare agreements with Garuda Indonesia, JetBlue Airways, Malaysia Airlines, SilkAir, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin America and Vistara. It flies to many destinations including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Dhaka, Sao Paulo, Frankfurt, Paris, Copenhagen, Munich, Hong Kong, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Cape Town, Istanbul, Bangkok, Colombo, Johannesburg and many others. If you are thinking to make your child journey then you should make it safe and comfortable. Through Singapore Airlines Reservations, you can easily book your kid’s journey and make your kid’s journey possible. Get incredible offers and deals on your booking.

Know about the services offered by the airlines:

Why Singapore Airlines is best for unaccompanied minors?

• Bassinets

The airlines encourage you to request for a bassinet when you book an infant ticket, as only a few numbers of bassinets are available in-flight and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Each bassinet dimension should be 768mm (L) x 298mm (W) x 158mm (H) and can support a maximum weight of 14kg.

• Child car seats and harnesses

While booster seats, vests and harness-type child restraint devices are not sanctioned in-flight they allow the use of approved car-type child safety seats and FAA-approved child harnesses for little ones less than 3 years of age. For your kid’s safety, secure him/her in the child safety seat by its harness at all times, even when the ‘fasten seat belt’ sign is switched off. Book your little ones through Singapore Airlines Reservations and get great deals.

Kid safety seats must:

The seats must be under the following dimensions, measured between the armrests of the typical passenger seat in each cabin class:


17” x 27”

Premium Economy

18” x 31”


19” x 33”


36” x 42”


23” x 64”

• These measurements serve as guidance. For more information, get in touch with your local Singapore Airlines office.

• Not go beyond the passenger seat, which means an adult can move past the child safety seat when the seats in the row immediately in front of it are in the upright position.

• Not block the aisle, which means the aisle remains accessible during taxi, take-off and landing.

What Stroller limits are there for passengers?

You can bring stroller which can be of the compact foldable light-weight stroller if you are making the journey through Singapore Airlines Reservations. The stroller must meet the following limits:

• The stroller should meet SIA’s standard cabin luggage dimensions (up to 7kg and sum of length, width and height should not exceed 115cm) and must be able to be stored in the cabin overhead compartment.

• The stroller must be count towards your cabin baggage allowance for your class of travel.

Compact foldable light-weight strollers will be checked in if there is no space in the cabin. Strollers that do not meet the above requirements will also have to be checked in. These strollers, when checked in, will not be counted as part of your checked baggage allowance.

What are there for Child meals and other amenities?

Delicious and suitable meals are accessible on all of the flights, except those to and from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Request the meal when you make your booking through Singapore Airlines.

General baby amenities such as diapers, disposable bibs, feeding bottles, and baby wipes are also accessible. However, they suggest that you bring your own – as they can only carry a limited quantity and amenities may not be able to match your specific requirements.

What are Convertible in-flight beds for children?

Travel Devices that convert into leg rests or onboard beds for little ones may be used for the journey as long as the instructions for use set by the manufacturer(s) are followed. Everything becomes easy when you make a journey through Singapore Airlines Reservations.

For your child's safety, convertible onboard beds may only be used at the window seats or the middle seat between the aisles. Your child should be able to fasten the seatbelt under his or her arm when using the inflight bed. If your child is less two years of age, he or she must be removed from the convertible inflight bed. He/she will be secured with an infant seatbelt whenever the seatbelt sign is switched on.

For all your journeys make sure you get the best airlines. Plan your child’s journey through Singapore Airlines. Get surprising offers and deals on your booking.