Other demands can be fulfilled in your journey by Air China Reservations

Air china Airlines growing day by day. Retitled in the mid-1960s, Air Canada became one of the trusted airlines who provides fine services to passengers. It stood at fifth position and recognized as the biggest airline in Canada. It is the national carrier and the largest airline (when measured by fleet size) of Canada. Founded in 1937, the airline provides its services to 207 destinations worldwide. With a fleet size of 189 aircraft, the airline operates on average more than 1,613 scheduled flights daily. It made 25 new routes in just a year and introduced Air Canada Signature Service for North American premium fliers. The airlines provide incredible services to fliers. They will make sure you have best journey from departure to arrival. Through Air China Reservations, make your amazing journey to beautiful cities.
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Know about some special services of this airlines:
Passengers Who Need to Check Their Electric-Driven Wheelchair
Individual safety briefings are given to any customer who requests one. They will be please to assist you in any way they can. The team of Air China be there every step of the way to make sure the journey is an adventure.

• What you need to know

Fliers who are less ambulant due to illness, health or old age or leg bone fracture and thus need to travel with an electric-driven wheelchair. They can surely check their electric-driven wheelchair as baggage.
The electric-driven wheelchair cannot be transported into the cabin but must be checked at the check-in counters. A flier must be present at the airport check-in counters for check-in at least 2 hours before the check-in deadline. But only one such wheelchair can be checked on Air China Flights. The electric-driven wheelchair
must not count in the free baggage allowance and can be carried for free.

Hearing and Speech Impaired Passengers

They will deliver all necessary guidance and assistance to hearing and speech impaired passengers who travel alone. Ask for the service which must be made with airlines or any of sales agents at the time of ticket purchase.

• What you need to know

For the assurance of safety, a hearing and speech impaired flier under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult during travel.

Hearing and speech impaired fliers must arrive at the airport check-in counters for check-in no later than 120 minutes before the expected flight departure time.

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• On-board

We will help visually /hearing/speech impaired passenger

- stow or lift carry-on items;
- Move in or out of the seat;
- get prepared for meals;
- Move to and from the bathroom.

Passenger with requests for special meals
Request for special meals must be made with the Air China Reservations or sales agent before flight departure and they will provide special meal services free of charge.

• Important tips

Your request for delicious meals must be made on Air China within the specified time limit and is subject to the approval. You can select special meals only from the scope of what they can offer.

For the incredible food requirements based on the passenger’s religious beliefs or personal health conditions, like “no peanuts” and “no mushrooms”, you can ask with the airlines within the specified time limit. No Kosher meal (KSML) is available on any of Air China’ domestic, international and regional flights/or any connecting domestic flights to international flights.

Each flier can only request only one delicious meal on Air China Flights. If you are making journey with an infant, you can request an infant meal for your infant.

For international routes to countries with predominant religious beliefs like Thailand and India, they offer pork-free meal, beef-free meal and Indian meal.

Time limit for request

You can ask for kosher meal (KSML) which must be ask at least 48 hours before flight departure. You can make your request for special meals other than kosher meal must be made at least 24 hours before flight departure.

From your health to traveling a destination everything becomes easy and possible. Make your amazing journey on Air China Flights. Get fabulous amount of discount and offers on your booking.