January 15, 2021

What can you eat on the Paleo Food?

Paleo foods also known as Paleolithic diet comprises of fruits, nuts, vegetables, roots and meat and excludes food items like grains, dairy products, legumes, sugar and processed oils. The paleo foods are generally high in fat, low to moderate in carbohydrate and moderate in animal protein. The main purpose of adopting paleo foods in diet is eating food items that are healthy and were consumed by early humans. The rising preference for the consumption of nutrient based ingredients and rising health consciousness makes the paleo foods being consumed globally.

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The List of Companies

1. Back Roads Food Company

2. Blue Mountain Organics

3. Caveman Foods

4. Epic Provisions, LLC

5. Nora's Food Company

6. Pacific Foods

7. Paleo Leap, LLC

8. Paleo Prime LLC

9. Steve's Paleo Goods

10. The Paleo Foods Co.

The change in the food consumption pattern from synthetic to organic and clean ingredient drives the growth of the paleo foods market. Besides this, the increasing health awareness especially in developed region also drives the market growth. However, lack of awareness about the benefits of paleo diet restricts the fruitful development of the paleo foods market. The growing food & beverage industry and the rising trend for fitness is expected to boost the market growth of paleo foods in the near future.

The global paleo foods market is segmented on the basis of product type and end use. On the basis of product type, the paleo foods market is segmented into meat, nuts & seeds, fats & oils, salt & spices and others. The paleo foods market on the basis of application is broken into cereals, bakery products, snacks and others.