C&B Expert / Северсталь

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Participate in different С&B projects. We have a plenty of interesting inspiring projects and we need the person with the project management skills, who is able to look at the overall picture, to bring his/her expertise to any developing area, to find the solutions for challenging projects, to bring the ideas into life and be ready to run his own project.
  • Prepare analytics and researches. We are expecting from candidate good analytical mindset, absolute love with figures, graphs, Excel and PowerPoint. We are a team of “mature experts” in c&b and know well that C&B area is not an exact science and we are looking for the person who “feels” the right figures, who can build the logical results based on different informational sources , who can combine different types of data in а high quality report.
  • Design new or update exciting с&b policies.
  • Participate in salary and benefits surveys and questionnaires.
  • Support and conduct job evaluation.
  • Participate in salary review, bonus calculation and budgeting process.
  • Monitor world c&b trends and participate in different professional networks.
  • Prepare necessary information for tenders and communicate with vendors.
  • Provide people managers and employees with ongoing communication.


Ability to work in hybrid organization, strong customer orientation, excellent team member, experienced in cross-functional projects and in leading the projects, high-level analytical skills.

Additional necessary knowledge and skills in: detailed understanding of c&b concepts, policies and practices, job evaluation&grading, salary structure design, benefits and non-material motivation, workforce analysis, sales incentives, performance management, labor law.

  • Knowledge of SAP, HAY Group methodology of grading as a plus.
  • English language level – upper intermediate.


Strong expertise in C&B area not less than 3 years in multinational companies with participation in full C&B cycle including annual salary review process, STI calculation (for back and front offices), participation in salary surveys and HR benchmarking, FTE related expenses budgeting and controlling of budget execution, hr reporting etc.


Резюме можно отправлять по адресу: ao.krikun@severstal.com

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