November 10, 2018

Bigg Boss 12 Today Episode Review

Bigg Boss 12 Housemates wake up to tune do dhari talwar. They all move and appreciate.

Sree says to Deepak that Dipika went to detain so I wound up angry and it pummeled house condition, Deepak says its a not too bad time to send KV and Dipika, Sree giggles. Sree says I expected to save you yet KV was perturbed and said he needs value and attempted to smash congruity, by then Dipika combat with me, pummeled agreement afresh, I reasoned that they will go together in

Surbhi says to Deepak that I am engaging with Sree that he chosen you, I felt dreadful for you and you are contributing vitality with him? I am not saying to not manage things yet rather I can't accept a gander at him as I fought for you. Deepak says he banters with me, I have enthusiastic bond with him. Surbhi says you may have sensitive corner for him, I know

you and Romil appreciates him, I wont state anything other than I have decided to not fight for you both as it makes me look dreadful.

Sree says to Megha that I am supporting you in captaincy undertaking, Dipika keeps taking KV's name for captaincy, its been two months. Rohit comes there. Sree says we have to encourage her. Rohit says yes. Megha says they are generally selfish also. Sree says KV keeps talking with respect to my feeling of self, I have tried to achieve this, I used to wake up at 4AM and practice for the duration of the day, people consider my woman companions yet they dont know my fight, I used to think about yard, I used to live alone to get in cricket, I used to get 15K in whole year, I was set up to leave cricket in 2001 in light of the way that I didnt have money.

Sreesanth's captaincy term touches base at an end. Megha, Somi, Karanvir, Romil will fight to twist up the accompanying captain. Dipika will be the facilitator of the task. She clears up the task. The garden an area is isolated into the red, blue, green and yellow zones. The fact of the matter is to release the contender's dishes while contenders should keep moving to inward circles. Contenders need to keep endeavoring to make others leave the task.

Deepak says to Romil that keep Somi before you, first take Megha out then take KV out.

Sree says to Shiv that lets start tricking.

Deepak talks with Sree and says we will keep Somi before others.

Sristy says to KV that dont hurl Megha out first, she will be with you to oust Romil and Somi first.

Errand starts, Contenders start moving in squares, Romil hurls Megha's bowl. KV hurls Somi's bowl and releases Megha's bowl. Romil says two people are out. Dipika says Romil's feet was out of square, it wasn't right, you can't check others yet in case you are doing it then Megha is out. Romil says it was not formed that we can't cross and void dishes. Dipika says Bigg Boss 12 I need your help.

Sristy says to Megha that you shouldnt have been compelling. Megha says I was definitely not. Somi says you were terrified. Bigg Boss asks who was out in first round? Dipika says Megha's bowl was cleansed first yet Romil intentionally left square and reached internal circle, it wasn't right. Romil says it was my philosophy, she was in circle when her bowl was empty. Dipika says you have to keep moving in circle, you can't go out. Somi says Bigg Boss didnt ask who challenged standards. Bigg Boss asks whose bowl depleted first? Dipika says Somi's bowl poor first and Megha's bowl depleted first. She says Somi's bowl dejected and she is out, this is my decision, in case I am wrong then I will know tomorrow. Bigg Boss 12 says Dipika is judge so her decision is last. Surbhi says this isn't right, she changed her decision in end. Dipika says I will know later.

Sree says to Megha that Romil will be powerful.

Somi says to Dipika that you weren't right, Sristy tricked and in addition official. Sristy says you were calling me sensible and now you are calling me this since I am not saying anything? Somi says dont talk, calms down. Sristy shouts that I will talk.

Surbhi says to Romil that horrendous strategy.

Surbhi says to Dipika that you dont know rules. Three contenders start moving in square yet again. Romil hurls KV's water. Rohit exhibits that its not void. Dipika says its not void. KV tries to hurl Megha's bowl yet Dipika says this isn't right, tas was ended. She returns water in her bowl. They start moving afresh. KV says what did you do Megha? He endeavors to strike her bowl. Dipika says keep moving. KV hurls Megha's bowl and she is out. Sree says he has been taking a stab at multi week.

KV and Romil starts moving in circle. Romil says let be pushed toward getting to be captain. KV says lets attack. KV attacks Roml's bowl. Romil pushes him, KV's bowl tumbles down. KV says my bowl didnt break. Dipika sees there is a little proportion of water in bowl. Dipika says continue. KV hurls Romil's bowl and it breaks. Surbhi says this isn't right. Sree says this is tricking. Dipika shows KV's bowl and says there is little proportion of water in bowl so KV won and is new boss. KV expresses profound gratitude to her anyway she says allowed me to be for a minute. Sree leaves and this is horrifying technique for making someone win. Dipika says I didnt energize him. Sristy grasps KV.

KV asks Dipika what was the arrangement? you are right. Dipika says I dont care what they think, I am basically worked up, it was your favorable luck, I was sensible as official. She wishes him for captaincy.

Romil says to Somi that his bowl fell anyway didnt break. Surbhi says she was terrible as ref.

Sree says to Jasleen that Megha is the superstar for me, she was the best, Dipika bamboozled. Sree says to Megha that your bowl had some water also anyway she blocked you. He takess off the band Dipika gave him and says I dont require it.

Romil comes to KV and says your bowl fell and it went upside down anyway Dipika gotten it and put some water in it from floor. KV says I didnt take bowl. Surbhi says you are not off kilter.

Sree says they made captain on near and dear tendency, incredible.

Dipika says to Sree that you think I hoodwinked? Sree says Megha's bowl had water too, it was misdirecting. Dipika says I didnt plan anything, Sree says I am not a VIP here. KV says sorry to learn. Sree says I am not here to listen that. Dipika leaves starting there.

KV says to Deepak that when I see you 4, I feel camaraderie should look like you, you people expected to see Somi happy and yielded for her and there we can't avoid being, we fight, you people started from hardship and still so unassuming and someone of us have everything with the exception of we dont care, he cries and says I salute you parents. Deepak says dont cry.

Jasleen says to Romil and Surbhi that I felt terrible today, Sree expelled his band and after that he talked with her, cameback and wore it again, its like he can keep advancing sisters. Surbhi says he uses associations, Jasleen says he is dumbfounded and I dont like people that way.

Surbhi says I will sing for you, she says teri dosti.. she cries. Deepak says dont make me cry. Romil endeavors to control his tears. Somi wipes her tears. Deepak says you are a snap, Somi is a good young woman. Surbhi giggles.

KV scrutinizes that Bigg Boss 12 have sent extraordinary sustenance transport for prisoners on diwali. All are bright. They all take fodo and sit on table. Rohit leaves starting there. He takes sustenance and makes Sristy eats it, he says its so extraordinary. Rohit runs and takes gulab jamun. Dipika says this isn't extraordinary Rohit, its not smart. Rohit says I didnt take your embellishments, dont be so irate, I wont eat now. He goes starting there angrily. Rohit says to Sree that they made an issue of a sustenance. Sristy comes there and says its okay. Megha and Dipika comes there. Megha asks for that he not be miffed.

Jasleen, Somi and Sristy impacts Rohit to eat sustenance.

Dipika is making gatherings. Jasleen says you are giving now? Dipika says its solitary a memory for them. She goes and offers gatherings to Surbhi, Deepak, Romil and Somi.

Dipika is enthusiastic and says to Megha that I am feeling for them, they are adorable together, they keep staying for each other. Romil grasps his happy club. Shiv says to Dipika that its wise. Surbhi comes there and offers thanks toward her, Romil says I didnt know you people will cry for us. Dipika and Megha cries. They grasp them. Sristy says to Shiv that why Dipika and Megha are sobbing for them? its performance.

Somi says to Deepak that we are kinfolk now. Romil is looking at someone. Surbhi says for what reason would you say you are looking? Romil says get lost. Surbhi says talk with regard. Surbhi says get lost. Romil says dont say garbage. Surbhi says dont give me that loo, you will be slapped, you continue peering toward them. Somi asks for that they calm down. Surbhi says calms down. Romil goes starting there. Deepak says to Romil that we may leave tomorrow. Surbhi asks for that Somi not concur with his position. Romil says I was assuming with respect to something, cant a man be in thought? I dont need to bark always. Surbhi hollers to stop it, you dont have guts, you keep shouting. Romil says I can do what I require, you stay away. They fight with each other. Deepak says to Surbhi that he didnt say anything to you. Surbhi says he is expressing that I bark. Somi says to Romil that what craziness is this? Surbhi goes to smoking room and calms herself down. Surbhi says I dont need to talk, she takes off. Somi says to Romil that I am dazed, they chuckle.

Surbhi cries in her bed.

Megha says to Romil that it was a comic show scene. Romil says I can't censure. Deepak says its our last day.

Somi says to Surbhi that we are engaged too, it looked horrendous. Surbhi says I over-reacted, dont stuck on my bed, I am rowdy, I am wrong, dont say anything, dismiss me, I dont wanna cry.

Romil says to Somi that it was not my point the finger at, I wont talk. Somi says what merry club? Romil says I was lost in my thoughts so whats off kilter?

Surbhi brings a paper with sorry formed on it and says reaction wasn't perfectly fine. Romil smiles. Somi says we combat like crazy people. Romil says she wasn't right. Surbhi says why you over reacted? I just said to not look and talk. Romil says you should have talked charmingly, you said to not look as if I wasn't right. Surbhi says I am taking my sorry back, you are not returning. Romil says you got into fiendishness. Surbhi says you are erroneous here. Romil says no.