September 12, 2019

Reflection. Day 5

Hello everybody!! Dear, my readers, today I had English lesson, and it was one of the interesting lesson of this year. Ansat and Duman was teachers, their topic is Kazakh legends. Kazakh legends part of the our culture and history, and I love history.

After their lesson, we take our "dictionary" and started search some legends. I find legend about white trees in Burabay. This legend is really enigmatic, and I have a lot of questions, but have so few answers. I was should explain to my classmates, why this legend was written, why we know about this, why people interested in this legend...

In conclusion, I want to say, that all students did their task very well. I used some new words, fir example recognized, embarrassed. And I with totally confident can say, that this lesson was productive. Thank you, boys and Mr. Rizabek ;)