August 30, 2019

Blockchain in Automotive and Aerospace & Aviation Market Analysis, 2019-2029

The global aerospace & defense sector is experiencing major fundamental changes, compelled by macro-level factors that are influencing the business as a whole. Issues such as technological disruptions, globalization, consolidation, and rising pricing pressures are prompting the industry stakeholders to adapt to the changing scenario rapidly and seek new opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.

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The global manufacturers of aircraft are struggling to accommodate the growing demand of aircraft. As of now, aerospace & aviation players have started utilizing the benefits of blockchain, to overcome the problem of cyber threat and transparency in across the process.

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Following are the possible use cases of blockchain in aerospace & aviation industry:
▪ Manufacturing
▪ Supply chain
▪ Maintenance transparency
▪ Streamlining digital travel system
▪ Flight record system security
▪ Reducing overbooking
▪ Airline alliance revenue sharing
▪ Streamlined frequent flyer program
▪ Multitier oversight
▪ Tokenized ticketing

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