November 26, 2020

Buy, sell, or do nothing? 💭

In recent weeks, the value of many cryptocurrencies has increased dramatically: both bitcoins and many altoins 📚 What to do now? There are several options:

— Invest in different coins. Their selection depends on your initial capital, but if you look at the market, you can understand: not only Bitcoin is growing, but also Ethereum, and even Bitcoin Cash;

— It is necessary to read more about the coins that you do not have yet. It is better to pay attention to those that are in the top-50 by capitalization. If you want, opportunities and growth rates — try to buy cryptocurrency. But remember that during growth there is a correction, which can affect your capital and the funds you plan to earn;

— Sell — but only a small fraction of your capital. This option is best used if you have serious expenses to spend in the near future: for example, if you plan to invest in property before the New Year. You should not invest in one thing;

— Keep at least 20% of your existing investment profile. If there are no big purchases to be made, leave the investment for further exchange: today's market demonstrates that cryptocurrencies will grow even more.