How to trade crypto on Bithumb with @BithumbRobot

Trading on Bithumb with @BithumbRobot is very fast and easy.


This is how you place order to buy 1 Bitcoin for USDT at price 9000

/buy 1 BTC for USDT at 9000

This is how you buy ETH for 100 USDT at price 200

/buy ETH for 100 USDT at 200

Note: For now bot understands only commands that consist of 7 elements (words, numbers). "For" and "at" words are always required.

/buy <quantity> <asset_1> for <asset_2> at <price>
/buy <asset_1> for <quantity> <asset_2> at <price>

3 steps to start trading

  1. Activate @BithumbRobot
  2. Authorize with Bithumb API-key and Secret key
  3. Place orders with simple commands


Bot generates buy order from user massage
This is how active order looks like

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