September 23, 2020

The Best Puff Bar Alternative Is Your Old Juul

Ever since the US banned the sale of pre-filled vape pods, Juul vapers have been left looking for alternatives to their favorite flavored option. Disposable vaporizers like the Puff Bar have been one of the most popular portable nicotine salt vape options in the wake of the flavor ban. The cost of disposables can add up pretty quickly over time, which is part of the reason why many nic salt vapers are now looking for a Puff Bar alternative. Luckily, that old Juul battery might be the perfect solution for users who want a small and affordable option.

Obviously there are plenty of convenient vape devices on the market, and options like the Puff Bar disposables are the latest in a long line of disposable vape options. The original disposable e cigs used the same freebase nicotine as other vaporizers. This meant that they could only deliver a small amount of nicotine in every hit without producing an irritating throat hit. Disposable pod systems changed everything with their use of nicotine salt e-liquids.

Nicotine salt e-liquids can contain significantly higher concentrations of nicotine without increasing the harshness of the vapor. This made it possible for pod devices to deliver levels of nicotine that are closer to the amount of nicotine ingested from smoking a pack of cigarettes. The Juul pioneered the use of these e-liquids to create a satisfying vaping experience with just a few small hits.

Now vapes like the Puff Bar have taken all of the features of a Juul pod device and put them into a sleek package without a recharging port or replaceable pods. This makes these vapes extremely convenient, but introduces its own issues. When disposable devices are empty or their lithium ion batteries are depleted, they have to be completely replaced. This can be costly, even more so than using original Juul branded pods. Luckily one of the best Puff Bar alternatives involves using refillable pods with your existing Juul battery.

The Juul device became popular for a reason. These vapes are incredibly compact and convenient. Sadly, the fact that fruit flavors and other popular pods are no longer sold on store shelves has led to a decline in Juul use. Luckily companies like Blankz Pods produce high quality Juul compatible pods that you can fill with any e-liquid of your choice.

This means that, with a few seconds of work, you can fill up your own Juul compatible pods with your favorite e-liquid flavors, pop them in your old Juul battery, and continue to enjoy these convenient little pod systems. When it comes to flavors, the options are practically endless. Many companies are now producing nic salt e-liquids for pod vaporizers. If you are looking to create your favorite Juul of Disposable pod vape flavors, you should have plenty of options to choose from.

Blankz pods even offer a wide range of flavored nicotine salt e-liquids. They have mango, mint, and all of the classic Juul pod flavor options. The selection also includes their unique “create your own” flavor which allows users to mix flavorless e-liquid with the liquid flavoring of their choice. Almost all of their e-liquid prices include a four pack of their refillable pods.

So if you are looking for a Puff Bar alternative that could help you save big, check out Blankz Pods. Their pods make it easy to enjoy the same quality of delicious vapor using a device you are already familiar with, your Juul. To find pods, e-liquid options, and more, visit their shop at

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