July 23, 2020

How Do I Find a Blog That Accepts Guest Posts?

These days one query asked many times that is how do I find a blog that accepts Guest Posts. In recent days it is noticed that Guest posting becomes the most usable SEO activity and can be performed by many organizations. With the increase in the uses of this particular activity, many SEO persons want to find that best blog sites where they can publish their content for free.

It is also required that those guest post blog websites can provide do-follow backlinks for the blog posts. So, today we will discuss the essential elements of guest posting on various different blog sites. And then we will provide the complete list of those blog site that accepts guest posts and these websites will publish your blog post within 24 hours.

Advantages of Guest Post on Blog Sites

There are many beneficial factors of guest posting but some of them are common and required by most of SEO persons. Some of the benefits of Guest Posts of various Blog websites are as follows:

More Quality Exposer for the Website

This is the basic and most important factor for which many users want to know how do I find a blog that accepts guest posts. You can get a good exposer for the website through the guest posting activity. It is possible to get new and quality visitors from the guest post blog websites, if the website is good, has many users and visitors.

Do-Follow Backlinks for the Website

The second important thing which matters for any website is the do-follow quality backlinks. Almost all guest post blog websites provide do-follow backlinks for unique content. This benefit of guest posting helps you to increase the authority of your website.

Understand How Do I Find a Blog That Accepts Guest Posts

To find the blog sites that accepts guest post you just need to search for them on web. Or you can utilize this list of guest post sites that accepts blogs in many categories such as Art, Business, Career, Digital Marketing, Education, Fashion, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Services, Software, Technology, Tools and Home Improvements, Tours & Travels, and various important categories. If you do not find the relevant category, then you can also have the option to put your blog in the Other category.

The top list of Blog Sites that accepts Guest Posts are as follows:

  • Bloglog.in
  • Contentserviceprovider.com
  • Bitarticles.com
  • pr4-articles.com
  • articles.howto-tips.com
  • article.herbaltricks.com
  • medium.com
  • Ezinearticles.com

Some of these websites provides instant approval and some of these approve the blog in a couple of hours (Max. 24 Hours). But it is suggested to all reader to submit their blogs on those websites that check the blogs and then approve them as these type of website provides best quality do-follow backlinks for your website.

In Short Words

Guest posting is one of the best activities of SEO and performed by most of the SEO persons to generate do-follow and quality backlinks for a website. You can follow the list of blog websites that accepts guest post to perform this activity.

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