What is Affiliate marketing and how to earn money by this method?

Before jumping into affiliate marketing let's see what is marketing?

Marketing is an activity that includes advertising and showing a company's product in the best way possible and hence increasing the company's sales.

Marketing can be done in various ways,  one of the most important and useful marketing ways is affiliate marketing.

What does affiliate mean:- 
 The word affiliate means to connect and the term affiliate marketing means connected marketing.

Now, what is affiliate marketing:-

In simple terms affiliate marketing is the process in which the merchant gives commission to the marketer through whom the merchant's product was promoted and got sold.

Still confused !!

Ok, no worries let us understand it in simpler words,

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission for promoting/selling another company's product.

To understand it better,  suppose you are an affiliate marketer, marketing a merchants product. Here you will be a salesperson for merchant/company. You help them to make a sale and the company rewards you with your commission.

How does affiliation works:-

The company/merchant provides a unique affiliate link to every affiliate.  Every time when a consumer buys something from the affiliate link, the merchant tracks which affiliate is responsible for the sale and rewards you with determining Commission.

Anyone can become an affiliate marketer. Yes, you heard it right,  to become an affiliate marketer your degree/ qualification doesn't matter. What matters is how good you are at promoting the product and how skillful and appealing you are with your customers.

Being a salesperson you can only sell or promote one company's product. But if you are an affiliate marketer you can promote different products of different companies at the same time and can make passive income.

Found it interesting!! want to be the one,  here is how you can be-

You just need to get affiliated with the brand/ company you want to promote. Affiliate link will be provided to you by the merchant that you can share on your any social media account, be it Facebook, WhatsApp,  Instagram, etc. You can even write a blog on the product and share an affiliate link in your blog. You can make promotional/review videos of the product and leave an affiliate link in the description. Every time a person buys that product by clicking on your link merchant/company tracks it and gets to know who the affiliate of the link was and then rewards you.

Let's understand how affiliate marketing works in more simple steps:-

1) You get an affiliate link from a company you share it on social media account. 
2) The consumer buys the product from the link you shared. 
3) Merchant gets to know that the link was shared by which affiliates.
4) You get paid.

Yes, it's as simple as it looks.

Now here comes the point, why will one wants to be the affiliate marketer.

There are many pros of being an affiliate marketer some of them are:-

1) Passive income:- while with any regular job you need to be at the work,  but in affiliate marketing, you make money while you sleep and you can make more and more money by sharing link and investing your little tactics on it.

2) No customer support:-  as you know in every field sellers/salesperson has to deal with customers satisfactory. But in affiliate marketing, you never have to be concerned about customer support/ satisfaction, because you are affiliated and the affiliate just has to link seller to consumer and all other customer complaints will be dealt by the seller.

3) Work from home:-
if you are a person who wants to earn a good amount but doesn't want to go office, affiliate marketing is the best opportunity for you. Just do your work whenever And from where ever you want, without coming out of your pajamas.

4) Performance-based reward:-
 Affiliate marketing is all about your performance. You get paid,  for what you do. Based on your skill of marketing you get your rewards.

So, for what you are waiting!! 
 Grab the opportunity of being an affiliate marketer and earn passive income.