April 22, 2019

As I am in Paris in new sneakers out of the store

I flew once for two days before the sale, take something for yourself.

As luck would have it, neither the buyers nor the fact that you can carefully take, well, and not go away completely empty-handed. Walked to the sports department. Look, crosses are, next to the fitting. Nobody considers things there, everyone is busy rewriting price tags because of a sale.

Took that-se out of clothes, first a T-shirt, make it look bad - there aren’t even tags on them. price type 18-34 pounds. On such cheap and do not cling.

Then, having already made sure that the consuls were completely fucked up, he touched a couple of boxes with slippers, checked that everything seemed to be clean, too, and there was a stupid idea that came to me right in the new crosses and get out, and throw the old ones into the bag.

I came out of the fitting, put the box, one of them is empty.

And then I suddenly became interesting to the staff, I need to help the client, but he cannot go back and forth.

I think, well, everything is a fiasco, if the boxes are checked, then I have clay. Also the last floor, before the exit of the two floors.

One of the consultants attached to me, looking at his feet. The workers here know their goods very well, not so much in the Russian Federation.

As a result: I am left with a couple of meters before the exit, she shouts something after me, I do not pay attention, eats away from there.

On the way home, I spiked a bottle of champagne and went to wash my "purchases."


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