December 20, 2019

5 Main Problems to Deal With When Trekking In India

The article aims to focus on the 5 major problems one encounters while trekking in India and how to deal with these issues.

Trekking in India comes with a lot of fascinating moments. The splendid environments, picturesque vegetation, breathtaking panorama of Indian mountains are just extremely soul-enchanting. The Trekking trip in India cover not just the beauty of mountain-walking but also some of the most enthralling natural sceneries. In addition to the delight of the Himalayas, there are multiple rainforests, mountains, plateaus, etc. where the pleasure of trekking can be relished in India.

Coming to the opposite side of the coin, many people are confronted by many health issues. Here in this piece, we will discuss some of these problems and the art of dealing with them.

Altitude Sickness

This is a major problem you face while trekking in the mountains of the Himalayas in the Northern part of the country. Although there are a number of treks in the Western and Eastern Ghats, trekkers encounter altitude sickness mainly in the Himalayan region. It is better to be prepared for prevailing in the highlands of the Indian mountains. Since the oxygen level gets low as you go higher up from the ground level, it becomes difficult to breathe. To avoid such issues, try to trek slowly so that the body has enough time to accustom to the unjust situation. You should also take AMS pills to degrade the effects of this problem.


Continuous hiking puts a lot of pressure on the soles. Especially, in India, where a majority of treks are uneven and rocky, it becomes difficult to walk. The constant rubbing and moisture deprivation are the main causes behind the formation of blisters. When you are trekking tours in India, it is very important to take proper care of your feet and whenever possible, take out the shoes and socks to give some respite to your feet. In fact, you should take the shoes off after every couple of hours of walking. Try to rest properly and do not rush.


Fatigue is normal in trekking and hiking. It is not related to a particular country. Whether you are Peru Trekking Holidays, India, Thailand or anywhere in the world, weariness and fatigue are common. This might be due to the altitude or challenging nature of the trekking trails. You are advised to prepare yourself properly for bearing the exhausting attribute of the trekking journey. Give your body proper rest in the night before the trekking program. You can get prepared by engaging yourself in regular running and physical tasks before you go on to trek. Yoga and Meditation are also great ways to keep fatigue at bay. Meditate to keep the body and mind calm during trekking.

Joint Pain

This is, of course, a major health issue that every trekker goes through while trekking. Joints have greater roles to play in the outdoor activity. In fact, the whole responsibility of making movements is on the joints. In the highlands of the Himalayas, such issues are common for trekkers. One of the major reasons behind this is unmindful running. It is advised that you cruise on your journey with care. Any incongruity during the process of trekking can lead you to joint pain of the intensive level.


Trekking requires you to maintain the water level in the body. Trekking without being hydrated properly is not possible. The issue is you don’t have control over dehydration. The body will feel the heat of scarcity of water in a great way. Without water, the body doesn’t work, metabolism doesn’t get a boost. You have to deal with this issue by carrying a water bottle on the trip. Although in most of the treks in India, you will find water sources to quench your thirst, it is better to bring filtration tablets with you on the trek.