April 11, 2020

Ankarsrum Stand Mixer

Bread Making Process

The bread-making process can be a tough one but if you want healthy food then you will have to adopt it.

●      The first step in the process would be to mix the ingredients in the flour. The other important step in the mixing would be the mixing of water and yeast. The person needs to take extra care in this step because the yeast would react instantly with water. So, they cannot wait after the step.

●      So, the next step would be to mix everything and make the dough. The dough would require a high level of kneading and the person needs to knead it for a minimum of 10 mins. Moreover kneading would help in improving the quality of the final bread.

●      The dough needs to rest for about two hours after that and again after kneading it can be used to make bread. However, in the last step, it would require baking in an oven.

So, the preparation of bread can take at least four hours and the person needs to have enough time to conduct that process. However, the process would become easy if you use the Ankarsrum Stand Mixer.

Use Of Ankarsrum Stand Mixer