June 20, 2021

Two-Bedroom Apartment For Rent In NYC

Finding a rental in Brooklyn Heights is a daunting task. It is high-priced here and tracking down Brooklyn Heights apartments can be challenging. You need to be tenacious so you do not get stuck into a rent out that you cannot afford. Even if you are an experienced tenant, there are helpful tips and strategies you should implement on tracking down the best two-bedroom apartment for rent in NYC.

Discover Insider Tips for Renting Two-Bedroom Apartment in NYC

  • Anticipate Like a Leasing Agent

If you are negotiating directly with an agent, know that even if there are 15 to 20 options available, you might only be informed about 4 to 5. The landlord holds the apartment back to have an upper hand to lay themselves in a better position to settle. Ensure that you are clear about what you are looking for as there is a huge possibility that another apartment is available that suits your requirement even better.

  • Find Reputed and Verified Leasing Agent

Apartment chasers are dismayed from renting apartments sight unseen. The renter falls for the bait-and-switch plan, where potential tenants are beguiled with images but find the apartment has been exchanged out to low-standard by the time they finalize the deal. In-person apartment tours have resumed after COVID-19, with safety precautions, but if you are opting for virtual showings, it is imperative to deal with a reputed and verified leasing agent. 

  • Know What and When to Negotiate 

It's challenging to find Brooklyn Heights apartments during a hot season, but you will find apartments that have been on the market for longer than regular. Many tenants find they have good leverage for negotiating perks like bike storage, gym membership or asking for improvement in the apartment such as floor refinishing or appliance restoration. Do not forget to inquire about the amenities that are included in the lease and what safety precautions and protocols are in place due to the pandemic.

  • Be Familiar With Your Bed Bug Rights

The tenants are officially entitled to the revelation of the apartment’s bed bug history when you finalize the lease. To spare yourself a setback, enquire about bed bug history upfront. Come across as proactive and informed and examine the NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development official website and the Bed Bug Registry for signs of poor management and infestation to make an informed leasing deal.