Famous British Kings

  1. King Alfred (871-899) Alfred was king of Wessex, but during his reign he was capable of various territories. He had a rare combination of the mighty warrior - to defeat the Vikings and also to be a learned and educated man. If you want to find the best betting offers online you can visit this page.

Queens 2. Queen Victoria (1837-1901) Queen Victoria, the second longest reigning monarch, presided over the pinnacle of British power. During her reign Britain became a modern industrial nation and the British Empire spread all over the world. During these rapid changes, Victoria becomes a stabilizing influence - an epitome of Victorian values.

Queens 3. Richard I - The Lionheart (1189-1199) Richard I was a crusader king who became famous for his chivalry, courage and untiring spirit. He earned the respect of his great enemy Saladin. Although his commitment to the crusades is respected, the fighting spirit is at the expense of neglect of England, where little time spent outside his reign.

Queens 4. Henry V. (1413 - 1422) Henry Militarily Successful. At home he half, to unify the rule of England. He was the first king to champion the use of the English language and preside over temporal relative stability.

Queens 5. Queen Elizabeth I (1558 - 1603) - After the tumultuous reign of Henry VIII Elizabeth gave the kingdom a degree of welcome stability and calm. Despite the religious rift of the Reformation, Elizabeth largely avoided relegation to religious conflict. Elizabeth also garnered her navy from the famous defeat of the Spanish Armada when England was vulnerable to an invasion.

/ Queens 6. King Edward I (1272 - 1307) King Edward was an imposing figure and personality who changed Britain's fortune. Inland, Edward enforces the law and administrative regulations. He strengthened the role of parliament and created the seeds of our modern government. He also waged brutal wars of conquest in Wales and Scotland.

Queens 7. King Edward VII (1901 - 1910) Edward VII Experienced the displeasure of his mother, Queen Victoria, for his playboy lifestyle. When he came to the throne, he could win with his charm and his personality European allies (especially France) for themselves. After the long retreat of Queen Victoria, he also renewed the monarchy. The Edwardian era was a time of great social and healthy progress.

Queens 8. "Queen Elizabeth II. (1953 -) Elizabeth" is a six-year-old personality who has a relatively large influence on the Empire. Despite the depths, Elizabeth was an important stabilizing influence

Queens 9. King George VI. (1936 - 52) George never expected to be king. He came to the throne when his charismatic brother unexpectedly abdicated. Shy and humble, George was able to see through the constitutional challenge. In his quiet way during Britain's Greatest Test - World War II - Leadership and Strength Ready.

Queens 10. King Arthur (5-6th century). King Arthur is a legendary figure who is said to have united British tribes in defeating the Saxon invaders. The legends of King Arthur were important in the medieval traditions of chivalry and chivalry. Unfortunately, the reliable sources about the details of King Arthur and his knights are unclear.