November 27, 2020

Why You Should Choose Eventify as Your Evens Planning Sidekicka

Events planning has risen with the technology revolution. If you are having a problem with the next event that you will plan, good thing there are lots of management software that you can get. We all know that anywhere and everywhere, mobile apps have been a trend. People have taken advantage of using apps for conference registration platforms, seminars, and events.

Event management platform has been giving ease to event planners these days. An event organizer app is an essential tool for you if you want to have an organized and smooth sailing planning of events.

Lucky for you, Eventify has shown itself to give you a more successful event than ever. Eventify is a full-featured app that event organizing app that can help you plan an event for less time.

Why you should choose Eventify:

• Effortless User Registration and Ticketing Resolution

Eventify can help you take your ROI to greater heights with effective ticketing services. This app will allow you to sell tickets and passes online. You have the freedom to customize your ticketing method.

• Customize your Branding

With your brand, you can bring its potential out of the door. Eventify lets you add unique logos, event covers, themes, and other elements that you want. Not only that, but you can also personalize global push notification to attendees.

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• Effective Attendee Analytics

In any event, the attendees are an essential part. With Eventify by your side, you can track the real-time analytics from your admin panel. The app allows you to check the number of attendees and track sessions. It is also a big help as it shows representation through bar diagrams.

• Track Your Event Data

Every event has lots of data, and information is to be organized. With Eventify, you are capable of adding or removing features and sections according to your will. Depending on what event you are holding, you can use social integrations to make your event a success.

• Messaging and Notifications

Eventify doesn’t only give you an organized event planning but also gives you a way to connect with your attendees. You can send one-to-one private messages to the attendees as well as to conduct event polls to consult them. With this, stronger connections in your event will be possible. You can also send push notifications such as news, maps, and announcements to your attendees to keep them on track.