November 19, 2020

Cracking The Event Management Solutions with Planning Software Event App

Either you are handling your business event, or you organize a conference for the clients. virtual conference platform planning and management are an exciting yet challenging job in which you need to go in an organized manner to achieve the perfect event fantasy. To manage such challenging scenarios, event planning software is what you need. Eventify provides you with an event management platform on which you will be able to organize major official occasions.

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How does it work?

You get to make your very own mobile event app through which you manage your events. Then you work step by step to achieve the success you desire.

• Brand and promote the event through the app. You need necessary information, such as a proper name that can identify your related business.

• Customize the theme and colours of your app.

• Check the responsivity of the app on different devices.

• Your event information is needed: days and dates of the event.

• Add details to your app, the name of the speakers, schedule, total sessions, exhibitors, names of sponsors etc.

• You can create a message box as well, so if attendees have queries, they can communicate directly to you.

• Add the location of the venue for ease of the people attending your event.

• Review everything, information, key details and all then submit your app.

• Once your app is reviewed by authorities, it will go live and ready to download from the Play Store and App Store.

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What is Eventify Featuring?

Other then event app Eventify features Event Website, Ticketing; so you can sell the tickets of your event without any hassle. The platform for event networking is also featured for the ease of attendees to interact with each other.

Besides all of the above, it enables you to create live poles for the audience. It develops interest and attendees tend to participate with more enthusiasm. Event rating is another feature through which the participants can share their valuable feedback. Through Smart question/answers feature, people can directly ask questions to the speakers, which is a sign that your event gets success.