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When I started my business in online industry, I should used third-party website-building services. That was more than five years ago, and even then, paying $2.5K for something I could easily do myself was a bad idea.

Now, when technology has gotten even easier to use, paying real money for a website is almost always a bad idea. You can easily create a professional-looking website for your small business with limited effort at a very low cost.

Doing this might seem scary partly because there are so many services marketed to make the process easier. Yes, you can get a website built professionally that costs a few thousand dollars or one that comes with hundreds a month in maintenance/server/hosting fees, but you don't have to, and you shouldn't.

Know what you need

If you run a retail business and plan to integrate online and in-store inventory, then you may want to consider getting professional help. The same is true if your business is based on visual aesthetics. In that case, you may want something that truly stands out, and it may make sense to hire someone.

For most companies, however, you can build an elegant, effective website for less than $10 a month with limited investment beyond that. But it is for one site only. If you need more then one site You can do it for less than $30 a month.

Pick a host

Ideally, you start by picking a hosting company and purchasing a package that includes a domain name. You can go with one of the bigger names like GoDaddy or opt for other significant players like 1&1, DreamHost, or HostGator. There are lots of credible review sites out there that break down the differences between the various companies, but generally, they are minor.

You will want a package that includes a do-it-yourself site-builder tool. You might also want one that includes free WordPress installation. Basically, a site-builder tool allows complete novices to build a website through drag and drop. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that works much the same way, but it allows more customization and the ability to add more functionality.

If you want a brochure site -- one that just shares what your business is and when you're open along with contact info -- then a site builder will work fine. If you want to sell stuff on your site or add customer message boards, event calendars, and maybe more, then WordPress makes sense.

Multiple Ways To Do It Yourself 

These days, there are multiple options to build your own website.

One of the most popular options for building your website is using WordPress. There is a lot of themes available that will give you the flexibility to build a website.

Another option is to find a do-it-yourself page builder. Some of the more popular options are Wix, Squarespace, and GoDaddy’s Website Builder.

There is also a growing popularity for full software suites like LeadPages or ClickFunnels that provide the tools to build websites, sales funnels, landing pages, and all of the marketing pieces.

Our platform is part of that last group, and this review will dive deep into all of the different options available within the software.

Get started

When you pick your domain name, select something that is easy to remember. If is taken, look at reasonable alternatives (most hosting companies will offer suggestions). In general, you want a .com address because that is what most consumers are familiar with.

As for your hosting package, look at your options. In most cases, prices will be lower if you pay up front for a longer term. You can generally convert to that down the line, so you may be better off going month to month at first.

Look at the packages and consider your needs. Do you want the option of support via phone? That may cost more, but it might be worth it for the peace of mind. The same goes for installing WordPress. It's generally a one-button install if you do it yourself, but if you find that daunting, pay the extra for someone to do it for you.

The most powerfull internet marketing platform, thet I can recomend yo included oll af you need in one place. This platform I using alone allow you everythine all that you can only imagine. This is technology is allowing business owners to take full control of their websites to do it all themselves.

All You Need To Know about it you can read below.

I’ve experimented with several page builders, and before I was introduced to Our Internet Marketing Platform, I primarily used ClickFunnels and WordPress.

However, I discovered that both platforms were lacking as a complete system by themselves.

ClickFunnels has an amazing page editor that anyone can learn very quickly, but it is designed to build sales funnels.

So, while it can be used for a website it lacks some of the essentials needed such as the ability to really optimize the pages for search engines, create ongoing content, and lacks the ability to have a true website navigation.

WordPress is awesome for creating a blog and for having a lot of flexible themes and plugins, but the ability to create your sales funnel is missing and requires hacking together different services, such as ClickFunnels, to really sell products and services online.

I recently wrote about the need for business owners to have both a website and sales funnel in order have a complete online presence.

But, it can become costly to have to maintain multiple platforms that aren’t created to work in unison together.

So, when I was introduced to BuilderAll, I became excited at the possibilities it had to bridge that gap.

Our Internet Marketing Platform provides individuals and businesses with the ability to have beautiful websites, blogs, and sales funnels within one platform.

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How Much Does BuilderAll Cost?

According to the BuilderAll pricing page, the current price of BuilderAll is broken down into 3 levels & You can all the futures for each levvel You can see at the special page: See it now und you can subscribe also.

$9.90 per month for a single domain and several features but no Mailing Boss.

$29.90 per month with unlimited domains and all the features above.

$49.90 per month which gives you all features and the BuilderAll Business.

There is also annual plans which will save you money over the monthly option.

So, how does this price compare to other page building software or even a custom WordPress site?

A recent article from WP Beginner states that just having a custom WordPress theme can cost up to $5,000 and total around $15,000 for the custom website.

In comparison, the ClickFunnels start-up plan is $97 per month and the full suite including their email marketing system and unlimited funnels costs $297 per month.

Other services like Wix or Squarespace are around $25 per month to unlock all of the features they offer, but you only get one domain with your account.

In my opinion, BuilderAll has the best price to value ratio out of any service out there.

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