October 19, 2020


Gas station signs are one of the most significant factors for big and small gas stations in driving sales. The competition among the gas stations is fierce as there are alleys with gas stations facing each other. The signs play an essential role in attracting customers, especially during the night. These easy manage digital gas station price signs act as a trampoline for your sales. These signs are designed to be attractive, with bright lights and compelling sales lines to direct your customers your way. The facts show that customers opt to go to a well-lit station 80% more than a dimly lit gas station even if the price is lower.


Having gas stations price signs installed can be beneficial in many ways which are as follows:

Stand Out

The owner can considerably increase the revenue by installing these lucrative LED Signs as they can catch the eye of the customers from afar. The consumer psyche has shown that they are more comfortable at a clean and bright gas station at night.

Sell More

You can use these digital signs to advertise your products such as, snacks, burgers, drinks, etc. Having these offers will lead to more customers choosing your gas stations as their go-to point while driving at night through the area.

Earn More

Increased customers mean that you will now be selling a lot more than you used to. They also allow them to earn passive income by renting out the signs to nearby business owners.

Decreased Cost

While these signs are increasing sales and revenue, there is something that they decrease as well, the cost. These signs have low maintenance costs, and it is easy to change the pricing and content on these LED gas station price signs. It makes getting these signs a win-win situation for you.

Why Choose Malik Lighting?

The key reasons to choose Malik lighting for your gas station price signs installation are as follows:

Low Cost

Malik Lighting provides highly affordable LED price signs solutions that are easy on your pocket and a cherry on top of your business.

An Investment That Will Never Disappoint

We provide exceptional quality and top-notch after-sales services including the following:

·         24/7 Gas Station Price Sign Repair Services

·         Gas Station Price Digits repair (Dim or Non-Function Digits)

·         Temporary Gas Price Signs Installs

·         Repairing the system or changing the remote if it’s not working

Malik Lighting is always available to hear you out and solve your problems.

Get your free quote today by reaching out to us via call, email or you can stop by our office to discuss your solutions over a cup of coffee.