October 31, 2020

What is Group Personal Accident (GPA) Insurance Policy

Accidents are common and when they happen they render a person incapable to work. This loss of work results in loss of income and if the person suffering an accident dies, the family suffers a major financial loss. As such, a personal accident policy is useful as it pays a benefit if the insured suffers accidental death or injuries. Even a group of individuals might avail a group accident insurance plan which covers the members of the group against accidental death and injuries. A group personal accident policy provides a wide scope of coverage against numerous contingencies which might be caused by an accident. Here are the important features of the accident insurance plan and online health insurance plans:

Coverage granted

Though the actual coverage granted by a group accident insurance plan varies between different plans, there are some basic coverage features which are common in almost all policies. These include the following:

Accidental death – if any of the insured members face death due to an accident, the accident insurance plan pays a lump sum benefit to the bereaved family.

Permanent total disability – total disability is when the individual loses both limbs, eyes, etc. and is permanently disabled. A lump sum benefit is paid in case of such disability.

Permanent partial disability – losing one limb or one eye, etc. are examples of partial permanent disability. Such disabilities are also covered by the plan.

Ambulance expenses – group personal accident insurance plans usually cover the costs incurred in transporting the injured to the hospital through an ambulance.

Fractures – many group personal accident policies also cover bone fractures under their scope of coverage

Transportation of mortal remains – in case of accidental death, the cost of transporting the dead body of the member is also covered under the plan.

Eligible groups

A group personal accident insurance policy is available only for registered groups. employers can take a personal accident policy for employees and othert groups like trade unions, banks and their accountholders, members of a registered club or associated, etc. can opt for a group personal accident plan. Employer-employee groups are the most popular group wherein the employer avails an accident insurance policy for employees for their financial well-being.
Benefits paid

The amount of benefit paid depends on the nature of contingency faced. For instance, in case of accidental death and permanent total disability, 100% of the Sum Insured is paid as benefit. In case of partial disabilities, however, a portion of the Sum Insured is paid which is specified in the policy. Ambulance costs, fractures, transportation of remains, etc. have a pre-defined limit and the benefit paid is the actual cost subject to a maximum of the pre-defined benefit.


There are some common exclusions which are not covered under the plan. The exclusions include natural death, suicidal death, pregnancy related injuries, war related contingencies, etc.

Additional optional coverage features

Besides the basic coverage features, many plans also provide additional benefits like payment of a weekly benefit during the course of recovery, hospital daily cash allowance, children’s education fund in case of death or permanent disability, coverage for medical expenses, etc.

A group personal accident policy is a very important cover especially an employee accident insurance plan. These plans provide coverage in case of accidents and the resultant injuries. If you are looking for the best personal accident policy, you can visit Paybima where you would find numerous options to compare insurance policy. You can do a personal accident insurance comparison, choose the best personal accident policy and buy it easily securing your group. Personal accident insurance comparison is necessary as different plans offer different coverage benefits.