The Rubicoil does not have ice cream machine factory any disengageable dies

Many other coil binding machineshave a handle that is located on the right side of the machine.However, it is highly recommended that you do buy crimping pliers sinceit is very difficult to cut and crimp the ends of the coil without thisspecial tool.TheRubicoil does not have ice cream machine factory any disengageable dies. This is a feature that would be used commercial ice shaver to bind thickerdocuments.This machineincludes a "U" shaped punching handle that offers ergonomic punchingfor both left and right handed users. For that reason, Akilesdid not include the ability to move the holes further away from theedge of the paper. However, spinning more than afew coils onto your documents by hand will get old really fast.The Rubicoiluses hardened steel dies that are capable of punching up to ten sheetsof 20lb paper and one or two clear covers or plastic cover sheets at atime. Strengths / Features: Oneof the best things about the Akiles Rubicoil is its price.In pictures on the internet, theRubicoil looks like it is made of plastic. This machineis available for under $200 making it one of the least expensive coilbinding machines on the market.AkilesProducts Incorporated is based out of Ontario California and has been aleading manufacturer of binding equipment for almost fifteen years. Considering the price of this machine, that punching capacityisn't actually too bad. It certainly isn't a production grade machine.The only other limitation of the Rubicoil is thatit does not include a pair of coil crimping pliers. However, all of theirequipment is known throughout the industry for its quality anddurability. You can purchase extrapunching pins that can be added to the rubicoil in order to punchdocuments that are A4 sized.However, I find that it is actually easier to simply hold the documentwith one hand and spin the coil on with the other..This machine also does not include a depth of punchmargin control.This machine offers an excellent value foryour money but is still a personal binding machine and thus has somelimitations that should be noted. With the holes of this punch so closetogether it will be nearly impossible to use this machine for bindingany other sheet sizes without ending up with a half hole on the edge ofyour page. With the pricepoint of this machine you can purchase a pair of crimpers and the costwill still be less than other comparable coil binding machines. For a small office or a home user thatis looking to begin binding their own documents with coil this is oftena great starting place. The manual nature of this machine is such that it isreally best suited for binding small documents.The Rubicoil is designed for the home office orsmall office environment for users who need to bind a few documents perday or per week. However, theRubicoil shouldn't break or have any problems if it is used for lightvolume punching and binding. Recommendation: With agreat price point and durable construction, the Rubicoil is anexcellent choice for individuals who are looking to bind a fewdocuments using 4:1 pitch spiral coil. Thatconfiguration works well for right handed users but is considerablymore difficult to use for left-handed operators. It allows you to experiment with spiral coilbinding without having to spend a fortune. It requires you tospin the coils into the books by hand and will be fairly slow for anytype of volume application. This isn't really common but it ispossible. It does havea groove in the document table to help in the inserting process.Overview: The Rubicoil is a low priced introductory level 4:1 pitch spiral coil binding machine produced by Akiles Inc. For light volumeapplications this shouldn't be too bad. Weaknesses / Limitations: Thismachine includes a punch but does not include a motorized roller tohelp insert the coils through the holes in your documents. It is strictly designedfor punching letter sized sheets. The only exception to this is A4. However, it is actually madeof metal and is a stronger and more durable machine than you mightthink.This machine has an ergonomic handle, hardened steel punching dies and a decent punching capacity for personal use.However,this machine is not a good choice for companies that are going to bebinding more than a couple dozen books per week.They are best known for their CoilMac spiral coil binding machines andWiremac double loop wire binding machines