January 4, 2021

Buy Passport Online

Are you trying to get a passport but you hate going through the process? Are you looking for a secondary passport of another country? At USCIS Passports Visa, we follow the legal procedures to get you a genuine biometric registered passport from the passport office of more than 36 countries.

The passports we will provide you with will have both an entry and exit stamps. Our genuine passports are legal and won’t get you into any troubles. USCIS Passports Visa is a 2016 legal award winner and our professionals know everything in this domain.

What Is A Biometric Passport?

A biometric passport is a passport with an electronic component that contains all the data relating to your marital status, your identity photo in digital format and two fingerprints. Very difficult to falsify, it helps protect you against identity theft.

Do I Need A Biometric Passport?

You often wonder whether our passport is valid for certain countries, which now only accept biometric passports. Countries like France have implemented biometric passports since 2009, so you don't have to worry about the type of passport accepted if it your destination. If you have an electronic passport and want to go to a destination favoring biometric passports (such as the United States for example), you will need to apply for a specific visa.

Can I Get A Second Passport?

In principle, it is not possible to hold several passports of the same country. However, a second passport can exceptionally be issued in 2 situations: if your passport is immobilized during a period of travel or if the passport risks showing incompatible destinations. For example, the passport can be kept by the consulate for a visa application when you need it for travel. Our role here is provide you with a second passport that you can use temporarily to get from and to your country of choice. Amongst the passports offered at USCIS Passports Visa, you find the following:

·         Swiss Passport

·         Turkish Passport

·         USA Passport

·         UK Passport

·         Sweden Passport

·         Spanish Passport

·         South Korea Passport

·         Luxembourg Passport

·         Japan Passport

·         French Passport

·         And 26 more…

When Should I Buy A Passport?

There is no deadlines when it comes to buying a passport. To put the odds on your side and avoid catastrophic situations, we advise you to do it at least two months before your trip, or even more during the summer. Generally, if you buy a passport from USCIS Passports Visa, we will ship it to you for free in less than 5-10 days.

Can I Buy Emergency Passport?

The emergency passport is a passport issued faster than the normal time limit. This document is only valid for one year. The supporting documents to be attached are the same as for a normal passport, they just have your urgency of your trip abroad.

If you need to buy a passport urgently, contact USCIS Passports Visa now and we will guide you through the process step by step. We have the best fees and can deliver your purchased passport to your doorstep.

Bottom Line.

If you plan to travel often or even take a trip around the world, it may be a good idea to apply for a second passport. These documents can be useful if you are traveling to countries requiring visas. Indeed, visas often take the form of stickers taking up the space of an entire page, which can quickly fill up your passport if you are traveling in several countries requiring this type of visa. In addition, some countries require two consecutive blank pages in your passport to accept your visa application, to have the sticker on one side and the entry and exit stamps on the other, this is the case with China for example.

Secondary passport functions the same way a normal one does, you will need to add a request written on plain paper explaining the reasons for your request. The price of this passport is the same as a regular passport, so you don't waste more money by making this request before a big trip!

Buy passport online now by contacting us or give us a call, you can also reach out to us via email [email protected]. Whatsapp: +1(254) 300-1482.

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