June 8, 2021

Segway back with electric scooters: 'This should be our Tesla 3 moment'

Segway became famous with its step-like, electric two-wheelers that allow you to move around at lightning speed. Now the brand is back with three Electric Scooter UK and an electric moped. The company thus wants to compete with the makers of e-bikes, among other things.

Segway seemed ahead of its time at the turn of the century. The American electric two-wheeler was suddenly a striking appearance in many world cities in 2001. The Segway was briefly the means of transport for tourists who wanted to explore a metropolis - whether or not accompanied by a guide. But police forces and, for example, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee at Schiphol also eagerly made use of it.

However, the big breakthrough did not come, because such vehicles were not allowed on public roads in many countries. Moreover, the Segway was expensive and it wasn't really safe in traffic either.

After an argument with Ninebot about patents, there was a surprising takeover by the same Chinese company in 2015. Segway got a second life under the name Segway-Ninebot. The well-known two-wheelers were still produced in the following years, but in 2020 Ninebot pulled the plug.

In the end, the price of an average of 5,000 dollars (4,200 euros) turned out to be too high. The time needed to learn how to keep yourself upright on the two-wheeler also turned out to be a blockage. Videos on the Internet of well-known and lesser-known users causing accidents didn't help either. Ultimately, only 140,000 copies were produced.

The Netherlands gets the scoop

On Thursday, Segway returns with three new e-scooters. The Netherlands will be the first in Europe. The three models are the Launch Edition E110SE, the standard E110S and the more luxurious E125S.

The matte black Launch Edition E110SE has an introductory price of 2,399 euros and an extra large battery, with which a range of up to 97 kilometers should be achieved. The standard E110S has a price tag of 2,199 euros and a range of up to 75 kilometers. Finally, the Premium E125S will cost 3,499 euros. It is equipped with an extra battery, which in theory increases the range to 140 kilometers.

“The Dutch consumer clearly prefers the convenience and comfort of a scooter.”

Dennis Hardholt, Segway

Dennis Hardholt, president of Segway-Ninebot EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa): "The Netherlands is the largest scooter country in Europe in the so-called L1 category: mopeds and mopeds up to 45 kilometers per hour. It also has a excellent infrastructure."

According to Hardholt, these electric scooters are for the first time more affordable than similar quality scooters with a petrol engine: "With our prices, comparable to those of the best-selling petrol scooters of today, we are breaking an important barrier and the limiting factor for a breakthrough of Cheap Electric Scooter UK. really become our Tesla 3 moment."

Can be operated via an app on the smartphone

The three e-scooters are equipped with a lot of technology. Users not only see the necessary information on the LED color screen on the handlebars, but can also control the e-scooters via an app on the smartphone.

In addition, all models have an advanced anti-theft system. This Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) can continuously monitor the location of the vehicle using 4G and GPS. The e-scooter also has a system that detects sudden movements and in that case sends a message to the app within seconds.

The Segway-Ninebot app (for iOS and Android) also shows useful data about the range and where the scooter is parked. In addition, the app ensures that the e-scooter is automatically unlocked and locked when you are near the vehicle. The driver no longer needs to take out a phone or key from the pocket to drive away. Unlike most e-scooters, the battery is located at the bottom of the footboard, creating a low center of gravity. This should ensure optimum and safe driving comfort.

Marketed as an alternative to e-bikes

Segway wants to compete not only with manufacturers that make electric scooters, but also with the makers of very popular e-bikes. Hardholt: "We expect that there will be interest in the design and comfort of the traditional scooters. The high price of the limited number of electric scooters on the market, until recently also often with a non-replaceable battery, was a major barrier for a breakthrough. We are now solving that problem."

Kids Scooter for Sale In addition to the three new e-scooters, Segway will soon also introduce an e-moped: the B110S. This electric single-seater moped is available from 1,699 euros, has a range of up to 105 kilometers and should be on the market in the Netherlands this summer. The B110S will be available in two versions:

One with a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour and one with a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour.