A bizarre worm-like phenomenon in the night’s sky has been caught on camera by a man from Yorkshire who was out walking his dog when the creepy light show could be seen. He claims that the images he captured are so disturbing that his wife can’t even stand to look at them.

Michael Hirst was walking with his dogs close to his home in Pontefract in Yorkshire when his attention was caught by ‘squiggly’ shapes moving across the night sky. As quick as a flash, he sent his dog inside the house and retrieved his camera and tripod so that he could capture the bizarre phenomenon. Naturally, he was completely clueless about what could be causing the peculiar disturbance. SQUIGGLY WORM UFO CAPTURED ON CAMERA

Michael captured the spooky photo. When he went back inside the house he began to examine the photographs and noted that they were fairly similar to some images that he had seen on the internet pertaining to the Roswell incident.

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