November 24, 2018

The Ukrainian Engineer That Was Abducted By A Beautiful Alien In 1989

The case is credible – many details of the narrative look so unconcerned. There were no intimate relationships here, but the aliens were very similar to people and seem to be endowed with similar emotions and relationships between themselves. Well, how much the Earthman could understand this.

Here is the story …

“In mid-September 1989, I gathered mushrooms near the village of Yablunovka. Having sat down to rest, I began to look through the newspaper, which I took with me from home. Suddenly a shadow of an oval cloud swept past me. I looked up and saw that a parachute descended from me in about a hundred meters on some strange spiral trajectory. Meters in 70 from the ground he began to descend strictly vertically

I am a skeptic and a realist by nature and therefore at first took a UFO for an earthly spacecraft. Moreover, after landing, the curtain of the front door of the apparatus immediately rose and from there came the “cosmonaut”, as it should be, in a spacesuit. Behind him came the robot (as it later turned out).

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