November 26, 2020

Social media PROs and CONS

Social media are technologies that allow users to create and share information with others.

Let's consider different points of view on the topic.


Cause addition

It's a real problem, especially for children and adolescents. Young people tend to spend more than 3 hours a day (up to 8 hours) on social media. Moreover, algorithms of Facebook, for example, are constructed in a way so as to show you content which you like or potentially will like. The model is adjusted to show you the maximum amount of content so that you spend maximum time scrolling or watching.

Getting ‘likes’ for Facebook posts actually results in a release of dopamine.

Narrowing horizons

So, as I've just mentioned, algorithms show you things which it thinks are interesting for you. So, if you believe in God you'll never be reading atheistic things, thank God. =)

Furthermore, if you like scrolling pictures with cats, you'll never be recommended an article on quantum physics. Algorithms are almost perfect, so they will work on narrowing your horizons if you don't deliberately protect yourself by searching something new.

Distraction from real life

Indeed, social networking is one of the most popular online activities. Students spend their time in social networks instead of doing homework. Workers, parents waste time instead of being right here right now.

Relationships ruined

There are so many people in one's contact list, there are some pretty girls in there, so why bother yourself solving problems or developing relationships if one can just break up and find some new pretty girl, haha.


It's so easy to offend someone, just using text messages. Especially, if doing this anonymously. Internet trolling is a common form of bullying that takes place in an online community. Cyberbullying is when someone, typically a teenager, bullies others on the Internet.

Fake news

Everyone can write a post, so it's easy to concoct some viral content. There are a lot of deliberately fake posts, why not? A study published in the journal Science found that lies spread six times faster than the truth on Twitter, and “fake news” is retweeted more often than true news.

Private life shared

81% of people surveyed feel “not very” or “not at all” secure when using social media sites to share private information. And all of us know that Facebook harvests user's data.

Exaggerate positive aspects, comparison with others

People tend to highlight positive things in their posts. It's natural.

While we are intimately aware of the daily trials and struggles of our own lives, our friends’ lives appear to be a string of successes punctuated infrequently by minor setbacks that are handled with grace and poise. In an environment like this, it is easy to slip into comparing ourselves with others.

Increased narcissistic personality traits

Once again, it's about algorithms imbedded in social media: you have to post something every day (or better every hour) to be on top of the friend lists. But what do I post? Some pictures of my meal, my cats, myself? Ok, that's selfish, sometimes arrogant, but this is the rules of the game.

Higher risk for depression, low self-esteem, and eating disorders, and loneliness

No comments. It's scientific studies.


Connectivity, instant messages

One of the greatest advantages of social media is that people can connect with others easily, instantly and for free. You really don't need to pay or wait.

Expression of who you are

You can write about yourself whatever you want in your profile, you can attach photos, videos, create interesting content, whatsoever.

Dating profiles

You can list photos and info about a girl before going to date with her. If you are shy or introvert, just send your "like" to her, and watch the reaction. Anyway, this might facilitate face-to-face interaction.


Youtube has millions of educational videos on every possible topic.

Promote your work

Write about yourself and your work, post pictures of the process and results, and people will find you if they need you.

Find job

Just the same as above.

Citizen journalism

Write about events that are occurring around you. You might be quicker than official media.

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