June 7, 2021

Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga Trek is just 13 km long yet is unquestionably not an amateur's pleasure. The Kheerganga course takes you through such cleared and twisted path which has been in need for a few ages by the neighborhood shepherds and town inhabitants. In contrast to another exceptionally made path, such common tracks offer a practically erratic number of shocks and ponder.

The lavish green knolls and staggering elevated viridescent oak trees bring an uncommon liberating sensation and fulfillment in the personalities of the adventurers and give a remarkable perspective on the immeasurability of the Himalayan mountains.

Kheerganga Trekking is likewise gigantically known for its set of experiences of supporting a wide range of customary ceremonies, ways, and ways of life of the local towns. This trip allows you an opportunity to avoid superfluous present-day headways and saturate the domain of conventionality of Himachal towns and their sweet occupants.