Auto Detailing
October 28, 2019


Holograms when polishing a car appear after a polishing process that has not been worked properly. Colloquially said, they are like a kind of blurred waves that only with the reflection of direct light can appear distorted or deformed.

The general appearance of the car body is usually very bad with the appearance of holograms and therefore, the final appearance of the vehicle can become nefarious.

holograms when polishing a car

How are holograms produced?

Holograms are usually caused by misuse of the polisher, and therefore, the knowledge of cause that is used in that tool. Although the appearance of holograms does not mean that the work being performed at that time is incorrect. In the detail of a vehicle can appear such holograms at some point in the process, so it is necessary to use other tools and techniques to correct this fact that unfortunately is so common.

In general, holograms are caused to a greater extent by rotary polishers, which as its name indicates, the force exerted by the pad on the body is circular in shape. These waves or holograms appear when the polishing is carried out at high revolutions, without sense in the handling of the polisher and without sufficient knowledge of knowing with which type of lacquer one is working. This causes the body lacquer to reach high temperatures and therefore visibly deform the paintwork of our vehicle.

I know many cases of holograms in cars

Unfortunately, this practice can still be seen in many of the vehicles that are treated today. Whether by specialists, dealers or professional paint and bodywork, and/or detailing centers that have little training in this regard.

A polish that causes this type of anomaly can carry out the work between 1 and 2 hours, while a Detailer from a professional detailing center can work in strips between 8 and 24 hours, depending on the model to be worked and the condition of the condition, and using various types of tools throughout the process, among others. Therefore, many doubts arise about how much it costs to polish a car, and the high differences you can find in a car polishing budget.

Can holograms be corrected?

With the experience and training that today's detailing centers have, there are specific tools and qualified professionals who can correct these types of imperfections. From Detail Park we always advise checking the state of the vehicle once the car is delivered in order to rule out this type of imperfections.

On the other hand, if this is the first time you are going to ask for information to polish a car, ask the specialist what type of tools and products he uses in the process, as well as information regarding the possible appearance of holograms.