Paintless Dent Repair Louisville

If you are driving in Louisville, normal body wear and tear is inevitable. That is where we come in…
Louisville Dent Company is a certified Paintless Dent Removal Company with experienced PDR technicians who are a stickler for perfection.

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Our Services Include:

Repairing Dings
Repairing Creases
Repairing small and large dents
Hail Damage Repair
And much more..

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At Louisville Dent Company, we take care of small and large dents, creases, dings and hail damage. We will help you with your insurance claim and do all the groundwork.
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We can come over, inspect your vehicle, give you an estimate and repair your vehicle.

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Is PDR Different From a Body Shop?

Yes, PDR is a process where Technicians only use special tools to massage the panel back to its original shape.
We do not use paint

No ruffing or drilling holes
We get the job done in a few hours or less
No Carfax report
Retains the resale value of your vehicle

Costs considerably less when paralleled with other repair alternatives

Some repairs cannot be PDR’d. For example, if the paint is cracked then we would recommend a repaint because if we PDR it, the paint would still stay cracked and will be an eye sore.

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There are also other special cases where some dents cannot be PDR’d.

Our Team of expert PDR technicians uses cutting-edge tools that help them manipulate the dent out completely. Our PDR technicians can help you too.