December 14, 2019

Xbox Live Membership – What Do You Get?

Xbox Live is one of the unique consoles for online multiplayer games that was created and founded by the famous Microsoft Corporation. It’s has a good reputation due to its digital media delivery service. All of the video game lovers are having a great time playing Xbox games.

For those who do not really know about it, Xbox is a console gaming product by Microsoft that has created a great buzz in the video gaming industry. It’s the sole online gaming service on a console that charges every user a certain fee for playing it.

You can have a working account by signing up for it. All you need is to fill up the onscreen form in the Xbox website. Once you sign up, an activation link will be sent to your email. You simply click that to get your account on.

Meanwhile, is also available for free and subscription based service. The free version is known as Free while the subscription version is known as Gold. You can always make your choice of the platform to use. In most cases, the paid version comes with all the latest features while the free version is very much limited both in features and mode of operation.

When you play the game, you’re expected to earn e points. The points are also referred to as Microsoft points. In various forums, the boxlike points are always the subject of discussion. Your ability to earn more Xbox points puts you on top of the game. The more points you earn, the more benefits you enjoy when you play the game.

Xbox points online are usually calculated following specific rules governing the game. You can always aim at earning more points each time in order to rule in the game. There’s no limit to the amount of points you stand to gain.

Your ability to master all the tricks involved in the game helps you to earn more points. Currently, the game has come up with awesome features. It has virtual avatars that represent the user’s likeness. It also has game scores amounting to the total of a user’s achievement points.

The game has a friends’ list corner where you can choose and store the name of up to 100 friends. It also has a recent players’ list for showing the last 50 players that used the game. There’s also a complaint system that allows users to file reports or complaints concerning users who play against the rules of the game.

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In conclusion

The Xbox Live is well loaded with awesome features. Some of the remaining features include, Windows Live Messenger integration, Xbox Live market place, voice and video chat, cross platform multi-player, matchmaking point, dashboard and a lot of other unique features. You’ll always earn lots of Xbox live points when you master the tricks involved in the game. The only thing you should be careful is to choose a website which has good reputation and has provided the offers that they say to the existing users.