ExtrimHack CS:GO

Download (06.07.2020)

ExtrimeHack - https://bit.ly/3e5AFid

How to use?

  1. Download extrimhack.exe
  2. Open as admin
  3. Press "Start cheat" button
  4. Run Steam and CS:GO
  5. Press INSERT button to open cheat menu
  6. Enjoy)

The VirusTotal website and my Antivirus say that there are viruses in the ExtrimHack cheat! Why?

Answer: Cheat programs and trainers act like viruses. These are programs that interfere with the operation of other programs [CS:GO for example] and replace the original values ​​with their own. Also, some cheats need to create harmless files on your computer (Files with configuration settings (CFG), downloading cheat DLL from the server). Antivirus programs regard these actions as viral processes.

Therefore, I recommend downloading cheats only from my channel.