July 17, 2021

ITL North East Limited founder and visionary entrepreneur and Linguist Grace Tia Bon Bon on conquering pandemic challenges.

Language has become more crucial than ever since the pandemic outbreak, resulting in complexities in daily interactions with businesses and communities. Hence, it becomes extremely important that public health guidelines are properly communicated to the public and non-English speaking communities. Members of the affected communities must be kept upto date with details concerning re-opening guidelines, availability of local resources, company and educational policies and other rules. Citizens with a limited proficiency in English are at a risk of not understanding and comprehending the procedures they must take in order to protect themselves and others from danger and false information. The surgeries, councils, hospitals, and solicitors were all in the same precarious position, and there was a general sense of fear and uncertainty. During the pandemic, various organisations failed to connect with their clients due to an absence of professionals with experience and specific training in language translation and communications. During these unprecedented times, the company has taken up initiatives during the pandemic by communicating effectively and immediately to the government's and the National Health Service's emergency demands. Without prior notice, the organisation handles roughly 80-200 video and telephone appointments per day. These services are provided through platforms such as Zoom and Teams, which require interpreters to complete specialised training sessions. The firm provides work on a regular basis and teaches their employees to adapt to new working methods and environment as well as compliance to personal protective equipment (PPE). To deal with the current issues, the company has restructured to allow employees to work from home. In some aspects, this is fertile ground for SMEs to expedite service improvement and for Managing Directors to comprehend new expenses whilst ensuring cost savings. Even in normal circumstances, it is critical to keep a steady stream of precise and accurate information flowing. During the pandemic, the ever-changing environment, particularly in the medical and pharmacological disciplines, made it even more critical to keep authorities, health professionals, the general public, the press, and businesses informed about symptoms, preventative measures, and vaccine research. Hence for the company, it has become extremely crucial in providing leading services through persistent improvement in facilities and avoiding compromise on the quality of the services. Therefore, the only option for SMEs to compete with the giant multinational, faceless corporations that seem to dominate the sector is for them to "raise the flag of quality".For further information contact Grace Tia Bon Bon at ITL, Bizspace, Gateshead, UKwww.interpretingline.co.uk Tel:+44 (0191) 421 2221