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One of the most hushed topics in women’s life is her intimate hygiene. If only women’s hygiene were considered important in India, approximately 60% of women would not have been diagnosed with vaginal and urinary tract infections every year.

Everyone’s vaginas have their special scent, even healthy ones. The smell of the vagina varies from person to person, influenced by your clothing’s material, your diet, and how much you are hydrated. Education plays a good role when it comes to feminine hygiene. Read on some helpful tips.

Keep the vagina clean and dry 

Cotton is breathable and thus an ideal fabric for underwear. It absorbs moisture and keeps your skin cool and dry. With these types of breathable fabrics, you have a reduced risk of bacterial growth and infections.

Don’t douche

Your vagina also knows how to take care of itself. It self-cleans and naturally produces some discharge that helps you to get rid of germs and bacteria present in your body. So, douching or using any harsh soap or product can irritate your vagina and wash away good bacteria. If you are prone to vaginal issues, you can explore a wide variety of feminine hygiene products from an online pharmacy India.

Eat Right

A healthy diet can help to keep your body and your vagina both in good condition. Food like curd or yogurt with live cultures contains good bacteria that help to promote a healthy vagina. Taking a cranberry supplement daily can help in urinary tract infections.

Use fresh towels

Wash and replace a towel and clothes after you use them. Reusing the towel is not a good idea as it can cling to those surfaces and that may cause infection in your body.

Practice safe sex

The medical and health experts always say that consistent and correct use of latex condom reduces the risk of any sexually transmitted disease which are transmitted by genital fluids.

Stay Clean

It sounds simple but it is important to wipe from front to back until the toilet paper shows no residue. That will help prevent bacteria from getting into the vagina. Change sanitary pads and tampons regularly during the period. If you wear panty liners, change them frequently. However, if you wear them all time, you may have some irritation.

Avoid wearing tight clothing

Tight clothes mean low air circulation, leading to more sweat. Excessive sweat and moisture can lead to the growth of bacteria and yeast, causing vaginal infection.

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