June 23, 2020

Cheto installation instructions for devices without jailbreak

Download the Installer here.Launch the downloaded program

A website will open asking you to link your computer, continue.

Click on "Download".

Нажмите «Скачать».

After the download is complete, click on "Install".

You will be asked to login with your Apple account. This is required so that we can install and sign Cheto on your device. We recommend to create a new Apple account just for this purpose, but you may use your main account if you wish.

Connect your iOS or iPadOS device to your computer. If needed click on "Pair device" to pair your device.

Click on "Install (USB)", or "Install (WiFi)" to perform the installation wirelessly (mind the slower speed). This may take a few minutes. After the installation, confirm the warning that you have to reinstall Cheto every 7 days. You may disconnect your device from the computer now.

Now go to settings and open General - Device Managment

Open the Settings app on your device, go to General, go to Device Management, click on your email and then click on "Trust".

You are all set now! Open the newly installed PUBG MOBILE app on your device and start playing!

In the future when you try to reinstall Cheto, you won't need to login with your Apple Account again, and you won't need to trust the certificate in the Settings app anymore.

Can I install the Cheto hacks via Wi-Fi? (eg. PUBG Mobile hack)

Yes, you may also install Cheto via WiFi, but a cable connection is much faster and more reliable. To enable WiFi install, open iTunes and enable WiFi sync for your device. After that, you won't have to connect your device to the computer anymore, just make sure to stay connected in the same network. Now you can select "Install (WiFi)" in Cheto.