November 29, 2020

💭 Who's Jihan Wu?

Jihan Wu is one of the most popular people in the field of cryptocurrency. The Chinese entrepreneur and financial analytic is known primarily for founding Bitmain, one of the world's largest ASIC developers for bitcoin mining.

He has been investing and studying cryptocurrencies for a long time, and he became interested in Bitcoin in 2010. It was Jihan Wu who formulated the advantages of introducing a blockage in the Chinese state apparatus.

💬 "Why don't we know other forms of government described by Aristotle? Democracy is not possible in open source software. That is why the developer's software is very complex and abstract. And in most cases it is obvious who is good and who is bad, and you can't just vote to decide how the software will work. There is tyranny in some projects. This does not apply to open source software".