October 30, 2020

📘 Instructions for ASIC-miner — what is important not to miss

We understand that not everyone will be able to read the entire ASIC-miner instruction. Someone is doing an overview on YouTube, someone is working with like-minded people, and therefore the equipment is already familiar with the device in advance 🧐 But there are moments in the instructions that can not be missed:
📌 In each section, there are items marked with exclamation marks or highlighted with a frame. They may contain auxiliary information, which is especially useful for beginners. It is individual for each model, but it is still better to know the information specified by the manufacturer. For example, the AntMiner's S9 manual states: "The ASIC-Miner should not be connected through a DC/DC circuit voltage converter, and a higher voltage will give higher efficiency";
📌 Photos with the correct way to connect the equipment. "To make it work" is not the main way of functioning, so the ASIC-miner can quickly become unusable;
📌 Remember the process of rebooting and forced shutdown of the equipment, and study the maximum temperature values, even if you have already read them several times before buying;
📌 Be sure to save links to the manufacturer's websites if you ordered from resellers and support contacts. They can always be useful.