December 3, 2020

Future of C++ in 2020?

Is C++ less popular now?

According to StackOverflow the Survey Results that C and C++ both are in the top 11 “Several Popular Technologies” under the Programming, Scripting, and Markup Languages section.

C C++ is the main programming language is using for more than 2 decades. It has the specialized for structured programming allows variable course and recursion. Are you looking for C C++ Training in Chennai? FITA is the best leading institution for C Training in Chennai.

What is the main purpose of C++ today?

Common C and C++ designs that exist today were started decades before.

For example, the UNIX operating system was edited in C in 1972. Oracle database was re-written in 1983 from Assembly into C. Similarly, the construction of the Linux kernel in 1991, and is also composed in C.

Hence, one goal of C/C++ implying used today is to report decades-old code and there is no way it can be returned with different programming languages shortly.

The Programming Languages Beacon pinpoints purposes, which are still living actively promoted in C/C++ or a major part of them. For example, most of Microsoft's flagship results are written in C++ (and C, like the Windows kernel).

C++ is still standing applied to improve Desktop based applications, Games and Gaming Engines, 2D and 3D animations, Database Software, Operating Systems, Developing Web Browsers, Media Access Software, Compilers, Embedded, Printing, and Scanning Applications, Engineering and Medical Applications, and Real-time Applications.

What is the future of C++?

The advantage of C++ is that if you know it, you should be ready to change to any new programming language with less stress. When learning C++, you are getting some of the core ideas of programming.

Here is a nice preview of what will appear to C/C++ in the following ten years. A few years ago, C++ 17 was presented with many new and exciting stories and the new C++20 report is almost ready. So, the word is continually developing with time and combining advanced articles for example Three-way Comparison.

The four-standout pieces of C++ 20 that existed originally perceived in “The Design and Evolution of C++” back in 1994 are

1) Modules

2) Ranges

3) Coroutines


C++ is still strong in states where real-time display, micro memory management, large-complex forms, and fixed systems are staying produced. Recording games and simulations in C++ alone assure its presence for a very long time to come.

One way to measure developer requests is to examine job postings data. C++ is still the fourth most common programming language among businesses as well. As result, C++ will continue to remain popular and in high interest owing to its appearance, security, and the broad variation of settings in which it can be used.

C C++ is mainly used in application development and system programming language to write an operating system. Are you looking for C Programming Classes in Coimbatore? FITA is the best leading institution for CC++Training in Coimbatore. Our trainers are with real-time experience in the IT industry, they are from a leading MNC’S company.